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Guide: How To Enable Jump Throw Bind In CSGO – Tutorial

Single key setup

Jump Throw Bind is important in CSGO, a simple move that can help you to aim your explosives with max accuracy. For example, Smoke, using jump throw bind you can throw this explosive at the right spot. So if you have plans to confuse enemies or set a smoke point to hide your team members then jump throw bind is highly important. This guide will help you ton how to enable or turn on jump throw bind in CSGO. Also, you can learn how to use it and its benefits.

How to assign key for Jump Throw Bind in CS:GO?


Jump Throw Bind is a set of multiple movements assigned to one key. If you want to throw explosives to a farther distance in CSGO, you can jump and throw it. It requires you to press two keys, first space to jump, and second to release the left mouse click to throw the explosives.

This method is slow and can affect the trajectory point. Jump throw bind is a simple way to assign multiple moves into one single key. Just pull out your explosive and hit the key. You will jump and throw the explosive to farther distance, as well you can plan its landing point. There is more than 90% accuracy compared to a regular throw.

There are two steps to enable CSGO jump throw bind. First modifying autoexec.cfg and second add the code to turn on the feature. If you had never used autoexec.cfg file then first hit this link – CSGO Autoexec.cfg file guide. This article will help you to understand everything about the custom config file. After checking this out or if you already know add the below code in the file.


  • alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack”;
  • alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump”;
  • bind ctrl “+jumpthrow”

Ctrl is the key that will execute jump throw in CS:GO. You can replace this with any key of your choice. The best is to have a gaming mouse like Corsair Nightsword. There are programmable keys on it, and you can assign this feature to one of the keys. Press that and execute the function. Throw explosives to longer distances, faster and with max accuracy.