Why Among Us So Popular In Streaming Charts Right Now

Among Us is set in a space ship where one person is the imposter. It has become popular recently due to every streamer playing it regularly

Among Us has quickly risen up the streaming charts all over the world and every streamer has jumped on to this game. It is gaining popularity like never seen before with more than 1.5 million players playing the game concurrently. If you want to know why Among Us is so popular right now, give this feature a read.

Why Among Us Got So Popular

Among Us was released way back in 2018 but didn’t manage to make that much of a difference when it came out. The premise of the game is simple, you’re on a spaceship with a crew and there’s a killer (imposter) on the crew with you.

Your job is to ensure the safe working of the spaceship and find the imposter before he ends up killing everyone else.

As the game starts, the crew is usually 10 people and you will have to raise an alarm every time you see a dead body, discuss it, and then try to find the imposter.

If the entire crew manages to accuse a crew member with the majority, they will be kicked out in outer space while the imposter remains at large and you will have to find the imposter all over again.

If you manage to spot the imposter you and the rest of the crew will win the game. This game is all about deceit and trickery. You will need to coordinate with your friends to try and look for the imposter among your crew.

The graphics and gameplay of the game are minimalistic, and it adds to the entire theme of the game where all your focus and energy is spent at finding the imposter amongst your crew.

When Did Among Us Get Popular

This game has given every content creator tons of things to come up with and with deceit looming at large, it combines to bring hilarious and intense gaming experience.

Every streamer has been diverting their attention towards Among Us to bring a more communal response from their followers on all streaming platforms.

Emergency Meeting Meme

The emergency meeting meme brought a lot of attention to Among Us as it raises an alarm where you need to drop everything and rack your brains together to find the imposter. This emergency meeting meme went viral where people would use it for mundane issues and bring it to attention.

Is Among Us Available On Consoles

Sadly, Among Us isn’t available on consoles as of yet and there’s no news about it coming out soon. You can, however, download the mobile version if you so choose to or you can play Among Us on PC depending on your preferences.

That’s all there is to know why Among Us is trending right on all streaming charts. Make sure to check out How To Change Name In Among Us Easily. 

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