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How To Use Vents In Among Us Smartly

Want to know how to use Vents in Among Us smartly? Here's how to do it.

The Among Us vents are pretty useful parts of the map because with them Impostors can fast travel after killing an unsuspecting and innocent player. Many new players who are joining the game after it became super popular recently are wondering – how to use vents in Among Us? Don’t worry, we will explain that to you right away.

Among Us: How to Use Vents


To clarify, other crew members will be able to see them – but they won’t be able to get into them. This ability is only available to the Impostor. A good Impostor will ensure that no one witnesses them going into it and coming out of it, while also creating an alibi. When people ask “where” in the discussion, you can easily fool them by telling them that you were in a certain location and another player saw you there.


To use a vent, you have to simply approach it and click on the Vent button. That is actually where the Sabotage button was but it gets replaced when you are near a vent. Clicking on it will make you jump into the vent. When you hide inside, your kill and sabotage cooldowns will be paused until you come out of it. In MIRA HQ map, all vents are interconnected and in Polus, you will see cracks instead.


Now, you aren’t invisible when you are doing this – anyone nearby will see you jumping in and will call an emergency meeting to report you. In no time, you will be ejected, rendering all your efforts futile.

What to do when someone sees you using a vent

If someone has seen you come out of a vent or is just suspicious about your behavior, they might run to the cafeteria to do an emergency meeting. How you can avoid this is you can close a door to trap the person on the way and then kill them. Next, you can self report and then it is all up to your convincing skills in the discussion.


That’s what you need to know about how to use vents in Among Us smartly without causing any suspicion. Don’t forget to check out our other guides on how to get Christmas and Halloween hats, change settings, play with friends and more only on Gamer Tweak!