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How To Be A Good Crewmate In Among Us (Best Crewmate Guide)

Want to know how to be a good Crewmate in Among Us & support your team in the best way? Read this guide to complete tasks and catch impostor.

If you have played a few Among Us games, you know that there’s a greater chance of you being a Crewmate instead of an Impostor. Yes, yes, I know, everyone wants to be an Impostor and show off their skills of lying and betraying. But those chances will be few and far in between and we have a guide on how to be a good Impostor if you’d like to get some handy tips to win the game as an Impostor. But in this Crewmate guide, I’ll explain how you can be a good crewmate and help your team towards victory.

Among Us Crewmate Guide: How to Be the Best Crewmate


Follow these tricks to avoid bringing unwanted attention to yourself and support your team to outsmart and win over the Impostor.

Don’t head out alone

Apart from making you look super ‘sus’ for venturing out alone, doing this will also miss out your chance of an alibi. The Impostor will be the lone wolf so it will be tough to give yourself a strong backup during discussions, since you won’t have witnesses too. Initially, I made this mistake and ended up dying first because I was easy to catch alone. If you are always next to one or two other crewmates, the Impostor won’t be able to kill you or all of you because there’s a kill cooldown. Plus, it will give you a strong alibi. So this is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind.



Keep an eye on the tasks (visual and otherwise)

There are various tasks which have a visual depiction of completion. The Impostor cannot complete tasks and they will pretend to do them. You can easily catch them if they are faking the completion of a visual task. Moreover, you can keep an eye on all players through the Admin room to know where they are. This can give you a good reason to call an emergency meeting and report suspicious activity. But make sure to do it only when you are totally sure because you get only one chance.


Regarding the visual tasks – there are quite a few on all maps.

On the Skeld map, you can empty out the garbage in O2 and Cafeteria, get a scan in Medbay, clear the asteroids in Weapons and do the Prime Shields task in Shields.

In Mira HQ, you can submit a scan in Medbay and in Polus, the scan task and the asteroids task will be visible.


Focus on the vents but don’t be caught next to it

Make sure to check an activity near the vents. If you see a player suspiciously lurking near it, especially if they end up hopping or getting out of one, it can be a dead giveaway. But try not to stand next to a vent (for too long) yourself as a crewmate because it will unnecessarily make you the target and you can get ejected if you are not convincing enough.

At the end of the day, your main goal is to do tasks and do them fast – even when you are a ghost. Apart from that you have to be with someone at all times, keep an eye on someone lurking around in corners, see if someone is running away from sabotaged areas and work as a team to kick out the Impostor.

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