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Among Us Voting Manipulation Is Pretty Sus

Among Us voting brings all the crewmates to find out the impostors but with manipulation of opinions players often lose track of objective

Among Us’s voting mechanics has been giving players from all over the world a new perspective in co-op play where one or many get to play the role of an impostor whose sole job is to sabotage tasks and kill crewmates. The game has not only shown that there’s power in unity but often it can be easy to manipulate the voters and kick an innocent crewmate out.


There are parallels to the game’s core mechanics as well as real-life, especially during the context of politics and elections. There always are hopeless crewmembers and a handful of impostors that try to sabotage and further their own agendas.

Among Us Voting Manipulations

The design of the game is best described as minimalistic and while there isn’t much to do, the tasks given in the game will have players from one corner of the map to the other. This is where you’re at most risk as an impostor may strike at any moment and kill you.

Worse, is when a crewmate dies and suddenly everyone else alive is called in to discuss the killing and determine the impostor, while you’re forced to vote someone or skip voting altogether. Recent trends have shown that players spend much more time shifting blame instead of doing tasks.


While the main point of this investigation is to find out the culprit, those who keep their voice unheard often are kicked out of the game mirroring a few real-life instances and this poetic injustice keeps deepening with every blow that gets delivered.

One of the easiest ways to win at Among Us is if everyone travels at the same time to complete the tasks significantly reducing the chances of a player being killed but this is easier said than done.


Here voting becomes counter productive as most of the time, instead of the impostor an innocent crew member is blamed to be the impostor and kicked out from the game.

This does feel like reading between the lines of the game but you can see the same trend in almost all walks of life, the main focus is continuously being shifted via all the mediums and the muddled with unnecessary information about mundane things but always making sure that thing that upset people int the first place is ignored and forgotten quickly.


Among Us dissects human psychology and presents it to the players when in the game, every tense moment amplifies when you play as the Impostor himself, hell-bent on killing everyone in the game.

Every second of the game will open up avenues of thoughts where you will see different options of killing a crewmate and then scramming to leave the crime scene immediately. While you as the impostor may get to go away scot-free there is tangible suspense in the air among the crewmates.

This can be seen in the actual elections duting voting too too but instead of kicking off the impostors, the worldwide trend seems to show that people are quick to side with the person who is first to cast doubt in people’s mind, and with each elimination, the impostor gets to further his or her agenda.

With multiple impostors, things get trickier as even though you may kick out an impostor there is another or multiple of impostors waiting to do the same thing over again while shifting the blame on one another and playing innocent.

Among Us Voting Verdict

Among Us voting mechanism has taught us that though there is no way to tell just by the looks what a person’s intentions are we can only judge people by the things that they have done and then come together to decide what needs to be done about it.

So whether you’re in the game or gearing up for the next elections take your time to give a good thought about is sus and who’s just running around as a crewmate quietly carrying out their duties.

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