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Among Us: How Many Players Needed To Play Together

If you're thinking about how many players are needed to play together in Among Us, here's your answer.

If you’re wondering how many players can play Among Us at the same time, there are a few things you should know. Among Us has been dominating stream charts in recent weeks and this has seen millions of people trying out the game for themselves. This game has brought a lot of people together and if you want to know how many players can play Among Us, you’ve come to the right place.

Among Us: How Many Players Needed?


Well, as you know, no game ever has the perfect party. You will always find oddballs and weirdos in lobbies of the game that might drastically change the outcome of the game. The best thing about Among Us is the fact that you do not need a set number of players to get into the game.

The minimum number of players required to play Among Us is 4 and in that, you will get to have 1 imposter. Your job as a crew member is to stay alive and complete all the tasks and the imposter has to stop you from doing that.

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When you’re in a 4-person game, the imposter is at a disadvantage. That’s because it can be easy to determine who is sabotaging tasks and looking a bit off. But if the imposter can manage to even kill a single crewmate, he or she will win the game.

In a game with a full lobby of 10 players, you get the option to select from 1 to 3 imposters. The more impostors there are the more anxiety-filled game will be with suspicion and deceit.

The more impostors in the game, the more fun, and confusion there will be. It makes every single move you make feel like the wrong move. You can even check out how to always be the impostor in Among Us right here.


But the sad part is that you cannot have more than 10 players in the game right now. There are plans to increase the lobby size in the coming months.

Well, this is all there is to know about how many players are needed to play Among Us. Make sure to check out our feature on the best funny names in Among Us to drive up the laughter factor.