Among Us Ghost Tips: How To Play As Ghosts

Looking for Among Us Ghost tips? Learn how to be useful to your team in the Ghost role, complete tasks & help crewmates or impostor friends.

In Among Us, if you are a crewmate and you get killed by an Impostor, you become a Ghost. Also if you get thrown out as an Impostor, you become a ghostly Impostor. But all is not lost because you can still be useful to your team members as a ghost. In fact, you will even get an advantage as a ghost that you can use to bring your team to victory. In this Among Us Ghost tips guide, I will explain how to play as a ghost and win games.

Among Us: Tips for Playing as a Ghost

The first thing you should know that you will have no collision on walls as a ghost. Hence, moving around the map becomes a total breeze, especially if you are playing on a mobile device. Plus, you get unlimited vision so you get a sure shot advantage in this case.

A downside to being a ghost as a crewmate is that you cannot do anything if there is an emergency due to sabotage. So if there’s loss of O2 or the reactor has issues then you can only be a spectator. Also, only ghosts can see other ghosts.

In terms of the discussion, you will be greyed out but you can read the chats. You will be able to see if they are pinning and ejecting the right person or not. You can chat there but the players that are alive will not be able to read it. Only other ghostly players can read your messages. So it basically becomes a whole new chat between all ghosts where you can discuss what’s happening.

What to do as a Ghost when you are a Crewmate


As a Crewmate, you need to finish whichever tasks are left because it will still help your team to win. If the Impostor isn’t found, the completion of tasks is what will make your crew win. Keep in mind that if you are doing a task with a visible animation as a ghost, and an impostor walks in – they can pretend that it was them doing the task. So, always be careful even as a ghost.

What to do as a Ghost when you are an Impostor

If you are ejected as an Imposter (when there are multiple Impostors in the game), you can still sabotage and make the crew’s life difficult. You can trap an innocent player in a room by closing doors and the alive impostor can go in for the kill. By doing so, you will lock out other members while your impostor friend has someone trapped inside. Basically, you are a ghost assistant so ensure that you and your impostor friends are on the same page. You can only sabotage, though, and cannot kill somebody.

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