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How To Get Every Pet In Among Us

Get your pets to move alongside you in Among Us.

The friendly betrayal game Among Us is topping the charts because of its unique gameplay strategy. While there is a lot to focus on trying to complete the tasks and create a futuristic base or work as an imposter and prevent other mates from doing so, the game also allows customizing your characters. You can tweak the look of your character through various skins and hats. There are also pets that you can purchase and get in Among Us. Follow this guide to know everything about how to get every pet in Among Us.

How to Get Every Pet in Among Us

Some of the skins and hats are free to get, while others require real-world money to purchase them. But unlike the skins and hats, you cannot get pets for free. The only way to get every pet in Among Us is to purchase them with real-world money. There are a total of 5 pets that you can purchase in Among Us. Each of these pets costs $2.99 and comes in two variants. Here’s the list of all the pets and their variants available in the game.

  • Bedcrab Pet Bundle (Purple + Orange and Brown)
  • Brainslug Pet Bundle (Green and UFO)
  • Hamster Pet Bundle (Blue and Brown)
  • Mini Crewmate Bundle (White and Wall-E)
  • Stickman Bundle (Henry and Ellie)

How to Equip Pets in Among Us

You can equip pets in Among Us from within the game. When you are spawned in a game, just head to the computer and interact with it to bring up the menu. From the menu, you can equip available pets that you have purchased.

That’s all you need to know about how to get every pet in Among Us. You can play Among Us with your friends and choose to be the imposter and sabotage their plans. However, due to a huge surge in the influx of online players, Among Us is throwing disconnected from the server error to some gamers. If you are seeing such an error, read how to easily fix it.