Among Us Recommended Settings – Best Match Settings for Competitions

Here are tips on best-optimized settings to play Among Us. If you do not want to get caught as an imposter then try these settings.

Among Us is an addictive and competitive game. It brings in a simple platform where four players can play together over LAN or the internet. One of them is an imposter and the other three are chasing this guy out. The game is amazing with a concept to let players find how is faking friendship. Before all are set to aboard ship to escape the imposter can ruin their dream of freedom. If you are playing this game and look to find out the best settings then refer to this guide. I will share some minute details to optimize the game for more fps, things you must avoid in the game, and tips to win matches.

Among Us Recommended Settings

Before you understand to use the Among Us best settings you will have to learn about modifiers. This allows you to manage your game if you are creating a private match. Also, you can play with other online friends but you won’t be able to do much in settings. Below is the list of Among Us modifiers.

  • Map – Pick the Map
  • #Imposters – Set the number of imposters in a match.
  • Confirm Ejects
  • #Emergency Meetings – Set the number of emergency meetings.
  • Emergency Cooldown – Adjust the value of emergency cooldown.
  • Discussion Time – Set a time limit for discussions.
  • Voting Time – Set a time limit for voting’s.
  • Player Speed – Modify players speed.
  • Crewmate Vision – Adjust the value of crewmate vision.
  • Imposter Vision – Adjust the value of imposter vision.
  • Kill Cooldown – Set the time for kill cooldown.
  • Kill Distance – Set the range of kill distance.
  • Visual Tasks – Enable or disable visual task.
  • #Common Tasks – Adjust the value of common task.
  • #Long Tasks – Adjust the vault of long task.
  • #Short Tasks – Adjust the vault of short task.

You can adjust the above settings to get an edge on the map. Most of the things are easy to under. For example, the Map allows you to choose the map you want to play. Below are the recommended settings you can try in Among Us. You are to set everything as per your need.

  • Map – Pick any Map there is no specific map which is extremely easy to beat.
  • #Imposters – Best is 2 in a large group. If you are playing a 4 player match go with 1 imposter.
  • Confirm Ejects – Keep this off.
  • #Emergency Meetings – 1 meeting is enough.
  • Emergency Cooldown – Best value is around 12 to 15 seconds.
  • Discussion Time – Best value is around 12 to 15 seconds.
  • Voting Time – Keep this around 1 to 2 minutes. 100 to 120 seconds.
  • Player Speed – 1x.
  • Crewmate Vision – 0.5x
  • Imposter Vision – 1.5x
  • Kill Cooldown – Set the cooldown around 20 to 25 seconds.
  • Kill Distance – Keep this short.
  • Visual Tasks – Turn it off.
  • #Common Tasks – Set the common task value to one.
  • #Long Tasks – Set long task value to 2.
  • #Short Tasks – Set long task value to 2.

The above settings are best if you are playing a 10 player match which has 2 imposters. If you are playing a shorter match then reduce the values. The settings will give you enough room to find out the weakest link in your group.

Pro tips for Among Us Best Settings:

Some streamers set the vision of the imposter wider than the crewmate. This is practically useful because the power of imposter is limited compared to crewmates. So the imposter gets a bigger vision radius. It makes stalking easy, but this will also give imposter an additional power over crewmates. This is a fun spoiler, if you want you can try this out in a custom match.

Coming to task the above settings are best. 1x Common Task, 2x Long, and Short Task. Keep visual off will make the long task tougher. In the common task, only one crew member has figured out. He can later update to all. The challenge here is not getting caught as an imposter. If you keep the visual task on it is a lot easier to grab the culprit.

Finally, the kill down settings also impact the entire gameplay. Low kill downtime gives imposter a lot of room to take down other crewmates. If you keep this at a decent time interval, the imposter’s movement is restricted. Do not forget to keep Confirm Eject off.

Other settings mostly rely on your experience and gameplay style. But keep experimenting with various other settings and grab a pet also. Want to check out more amazing tips and tricks on the game then click this link – Among Us Guides.