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Among Us Skeld Map Guide: Map Layout, Vents, Tips

Here's The Skeld Map in Among Us guide to help you with all the sabotage points and vents for impostors and the map layout to complete tasks.

One of the things that will help you win a game of Among Us is knowing the map like it’s the back of your hand. Plus, you need some tips to move around especially if you are a new player and want to get to know the map well. That’s where this guide comes in! In this Among Us Skeld Map guide, you will know where to find vents, how they are connected and more. Study this area well to get an upper hand as an Impostor or Crewmate.

The Skeld Map in Among Us

Here’s The Skeld Map Among Us Map Layout along with some more important information that you should know while playing.

  • You start in the Cafeteria every time and the Emergency meeting button is right there on the table.
  • There are 13 rooms apart from the Cafeteria.
  • There are 14 vents all over the map and to know how they are connected, check out this image below:
Source: u/Nefichan on Reddit
  • Keep this in mind if you are an impostor. These are all the things you can sabotage. In some places, you can close doors, and in some, you can sabotage the reactor, the O2, Comms and Electrical.


  • As a crewmate, you need to visit the rooms where you see an exclamation point (!) and complete the tasks there. Don’t go alone, though, because an impostor can kill you if you are a lone wolf and no one is around you for an alibi.
  • The tasks where there is visible animation are located in Medbay, Weapons, Cafeteria, O2, Shields and Storage.
  • From the Admin room, you can access a map where you will see where other players are. This will help you determine who is the impostor if you monitor their movements carefully.

That is everything you need to know about this map including layout, vent connections, task completion and more. We have lots more tips to master Among Us on Gamer Tweak, check some of them out right here: Recommended settings, be a good crewmate, and how to get Halloween Hats for free.