Among Us Skeld Map Tasks List: How To Complete Them

Confused about The Skeld Map tasks in Among Us? Look no further. Here's a quick list of all visible and common tasks in this map.

If you are a crewmate in Among Us, completion of tasks is of prime importance. If your team doesn’t manage to find the Impostor, tasks can lead you to victory assuming you complete them fast. So, in this guide, I will show you all the Skeld Map tasks, what you need to do in them, and which ones are visual. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Skeld Map Tasks in Among Us

There are a total of 14 rooms in the Skeld Map. Here’s more about the Map Layout, Vents and more info you might need about this map. Now, let’s look at the Skeld Map Tasks.

1. Admin tasks list


  • Take out your card from the wallet and swipe it on the reader. The timing has to be perfect – if you are too slow or too fast, you will not be able to complete it. Practice will make you perfect.

2. Cafeteria tasks list

  • Dispose off the garbage by pulling the lever down and holding it for a few seconds (Visible task).
  • Download data from the Cafeteria and upload the data in the Admin room.

3. Communications tasks list

  • Download the data and upload the same in the Admin room.
  • You need to divert power in Electrical to Communications by sliding the button.

4. O2 tasks list

  • Again, you can empty the garbage here by pulling the lever downwards (Visible task).
  • Diverting the power by sliding the button to the top and then going to O2 to complete this task.


  • To clean the O2 filter, pull the leaves out from it.

5. MedBay tasks list

  • Submit a scan by interacting with the scanner (Visible task).
  • Inspect the samples by pressing the green button. Wait and then when the color changes, press on it again.

6. Electrical tasks list

  • Download and upload the data.
  • Drag the wires of the same color from left to right.
  • Tap the button of the right at the correct time when the spinning gauge aligns with the connector.

7. Engine tasks list


  • Make sure to align the center line with the button on the right.
  • Divert the power to upper engine or lower engine by sliding the button.

8. Storage tasks list

  • Refuel the canister by pressing the button and then refuel the engines with it (by pressing the button).

9. Security Skeld Map tasks

  • Divert power to Security.

10. Reactor tasks list

  • Start the reactor by copying the pattern on your left and executing it (by clicking it) on the right.
  • Click the numbers in the ascending order from 1 to 10.

11. Navigation tasks list

  • Drag the spaceship on the dotted line till the target.
  • Download data and then upload in the Admin room.
  • Divert power to Navigation.
  • Bring the crosshair on the center of the screen as shown.

12. Shield tasks

  • Click on the red panels (Visible task).
  • Divert power to Shields.

13. Weapons tasks

  • Destroy asteroids by clicking on them as they appear (Visible task).
  • Download data and upload in Admin room.
  • Divert power to weapons.

So, these were all the Among Us Skeld Map tasks  that you need to complete. Read more of our Among Us guides to know additional tips that will help you win games.