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What Does Sabotage Do And How To Use Them In Among Us

Sabotages in Among Us allows the imposter to create emergency situation and distract crew members. Sabotages In Among Us will help you win

Sabotage in Among Us is a great ability that only the Impostor or Impostors possess in the game, sabotages enable the impostors to stop the crewmates in their tasks and bring unpredictability and tension to the game. This guide will show you what sabotages do in Among Us.


What Does Sabotage Do In Among Us

Sabotages are a great way to bring an immediate halt to players and create an emergency that crewmembers will have to attend to first and leave behind the usual tasks that they have to complete.

If the crewmembers fail to fix the sabotaged task, then they risk losing the game. Each Sabotage task is different from one another.

How To Use Sabotages In Among Us

You can Sabotage specific parts of the spaceship in Among Us and depending on what you want the outcome to be, there are plenty of options that you can seek to choose from. When you click on the Sabotage button in the game, the map will pop up showing you different options that you can select from.


What Does Sabotages Do In Among Us

There are many things that an Impostor in Among Us can Sabotage in the game, you can check out our guide about how to Sabotage lights right here.


Other than that, there are doors that you can lock by pressing on the X button that you see on the map. This will lock the doors for a while and trap any crewmates inside for a bit.

An Impostor can even sabotage Oxygen by clicking on the O2 button on the map. This is a great tactic to use because if the entire oxygen gets depleted the Impostors win automatically. Oxygen is needed for survival and without it, the crewmates won’t be able to survive.


You can even sabotage the Reactor in Among Us and this too will kill everyone if crewmembers do not fix it in the time shown. Two crewmates will be needed to fix the reactor meltdown and if they fail to do it, then the impostor will win the game.

Even Communications can be sabotaged in Among Us. This will disable crewmates from checking out their tasks, security cameras, vitals monitoring, the Admin map, and door log until it is fixed back up.

As an impostor, you will have ample chances to blend with the crewmates and even complete sabotage tasks so that you do not look different as compared to the crewmates.

Use the Sabotages cleverly and learn the map to know and understand how to use Sabotages to the best of your abilities in Among Us.

When something big like Oxygen or Reactor is sabotaged, players will not be allowed to call in an emergency meeting. Use this tactic to stop someone from reporting you if, they’re running from you to call in the emergency meeting.

This is all there is to know about does sabotages do in Among Us, make sure that you check out how to use voice chat with Discord servers in Among Us.