Among Us: How To Sabotage Lights Easily

Here's how to sabotage lights in Among Us and how it affects all crewmates and impostors in the game. Also find out how to fix the Light Sabotage.

Sabotaging is what impostors do in Among Us and doing it at the right time needs patience and skill. Apart from closing Doors, causing a Reactor Meltdown, disabling Communications and draining the Oxygen, you can Sabotage Lights in Among Us. If you want to know how to do that and what effect it causes on all players, check out this Sabotage guide till the end.

How to Turn Off Lights in Among Us

You can Sabotage lights by opening up the map which can be done by clicking on the Map icon on the top right area of the screen. Then click on the Sabotage button in the Electrical room. It is the lightning bolt symbol.

What does the light sabotage do? Well, it will make the vision area for crewmates very low. Using this, the impostors can hide in corners and get a sneaky kill in while crewmates stay oblivious to their locations. Crewmates will be able to see other players only when they are really close to each other, but the Impostor remains unaffected. 

The crew members will walk around with a small radius of light around them until they go to the Electrical room and fix the light sabotage.

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How to Fix Lights After Sabotage

If you are a crewmate, you must be wondering how to fix the lights in Among Us – here’s your answer.

  • You need to go to the Electrical room urgently.
  • Hope that you don’t get killed on the way there.
  • Locate the Electrical Box with the lightning bolt icon in a  yellow triangle.
  • Click on the Use button on the screen.
  • Complete the task of flipping the switches.
  • You will have successfully fixed the lights in Among Us.

An interesting thing to remember is that as an Impostor, you can fix your own sabotage too!

As a crewmate, if you find someone lurking in the corner and not rushing towards the Electrical room, be very suspicious. If you are sure about a certain player, go ahead and run towards the Emergency Button and call a meeting to eject that player.

That’s all you need to know about how to sabotage lights in Among Us. We have lots more Among Us guides that will help you in every step of the way. They will surely benefit you in both Impostor and Crewmate roles so check them out right now. Plus, here’s how to get Halloween Skins and Christmas Skins if you want to spice up your look!