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All Camera Locations In Among Us

Among Us camera location plays an important role in Skeld and Polus. These camera locations are great to spy on crewmates as well as impostor

Cameras in Among Us are pretty useful to both crewmates and impostors, you can easily spy on someone or watch an incident happening to report about it. There are plenty of cameras in Among Us and if you want to the location of each camera, read until the end of this guide.

Among Us: Where are the Cameras?

Among Us gives all players whether crewmates or impostors the same chances to spy on others and depending on your role you can use these elements to your benefits. Cameras come in handy when the impostor is unknown and you’re only left with a handful of crewmates.

Maps like Skeld and Polus has multiple cameras with which you can keep surveillance on other players. If you see a camera with a red light on when you’re playing in Skeld, it means that you’re being watched so if you’re just a regular teammate use this opportunity to perform a task and if you’re an impostor be vary of those watchful eyes.

Camera Locations In Polus

among us polus camera locations

Polus has 5 cameras in total, they look like your normal dome CCTV cameras and this knowledge can be useful to know where to look and whom to look at.

Camera Location 1

There’s a camera towards the east side of the Office. It is easy to spot and it gives a direct look to whoever is near the lava pit.

Camera Location 2

The second camera shows the other side of the Office, particularly the Westside. There are few places that you can check out in this view and it one of the most important ones.

Camera Location 3

The third one is located on the Northeast side, this location is towards the West of the Laboratory and a bit above Storage.

Camera Location 4

This camera is located at the Southside and towards the West of the Office, you can even keep an eye on the vent to see if an impostor uses it.

Camera Location 5

The last camera location is right outside the Security room, keep an eye out here to see if an impostor is coming towards you or not.

Camera Locations In Skeld

all camera locations in Among Us

There are 4 cameras in Skeld and they will give you coverage of some of the most active areas in the game. Make sure to use these cameras to see other players.

Camera Location 1

The first camera is right outside the security room from where you can access the camera, this camera is placed right between the reactor and the security room.

Camera Location 2

The next camera can be found towards the west exit of the Cafeteria, here you can check who is coming towards you and who’s entering the med bay.

Camera Location 3

This is one of the furthest cameras from the security room as you can see who’s entering and exiting the Navigation Room. There are two vents here so if you see someone randomly popping out of the Navigation Room, you can report them.

Camera Location 4

The final camera is placed South of the Cafeteria and near the entrance of the Admin room. Players can check the location of all the players in the Admin room.

These are all the camera locations in Among Us. Make sure that you keep checking them in every game so that you’ll have all the information that you need.

This is all there is to know about all the camera locations in Among Us. Make sure to check out the best tasks that you can fake as an Impostor in Among Us right here