How To Play Hide And Seek In Among Us

Want to spice up your game while playing with friends? Why not play hide and seek in Among Us? Here's how to play it, the rules and the custom game settings for that.

Among Us has become one of the top games of 2020 worldwide and players are getting more and more creative with how they are playing it. Along with the various competitive settings players can choose for playing with their friends, they can also change up the format of the game as per their liking. One such format involves the game of Hide and Seek in Among Us. Since the Impostor is hiding in plain sight in the original format, why not make a custom game out of it? So, here’s how to play hide and seek in Among Us easily.

Among Us: Hide and Seek (How to Play)

Player AlonCafry has created this awesome game type that everyone can enjoy with friends. The basic rules are the same as Hide and Seek – The Impostor will be the one searching for other players while the rest of the team avoids detection.

What makes it different is that the Impostor vision will be the lowest which is 0.25x while the Crewmates vision will be 5x. Due to this, the impostor will be unable to see clearly while the innocent crew members will be able to see well and do tasks.

Main Goal: Crewmates need to finish all the tasks without being detected and killed by the impostor.

Rules of the Game:

  • In the beginning of the game, let the crewmates run and hide. The impostor needs to wait for about 10 seconds. The identity of the impostor will be revealed via an emergency meeting.
  • Don’t report bodies, call emergency meetings again, discuss or vote.
  • Impostor cannot vent and can only sabotage the comms, nothing else.
  • Don’t access the security cameras, admin console or other elements that will help you know the location of other players.
  • Ghosts can continue completing the tasks.
  • No camping in one location for too long.

Custom game settings:


  • Map: The Skeld is preferred the most.
  • Number of Players: There need to be least 6 for it to have a good duration of gameplay. There will be one impostor only in this case.


  • Speed: You can keep it normal or go 3x if you want some epic speed.
  • Vision: As mentioned before, crewmates get 5x and the impostor gets 0.25x.
  • Kill cooldown: 10 seconds.
  • Kill distance: Short.
  • Tasks: Short tasks will be preferred.
  • Apart from these, the other settings like Confirm Ejects and Visual tasks don’t really matter in this context.

So, this is basically how you can play Hide and Seek in Among Us with friends. For more such helpful tips, tricks, hint and strategies, check out our Among Us guides on Gamer Tweak.