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Among Us Best Competitive Game Settings – How to Make it more Interesting?

If you want to make Among Us more challenging then here are the best settings you can try on.

Want to make Among Us more challenging? Does the game end fast and you are not having much fun? Then here are some Among Us in-game settings that can make it highly competitive. You will have to turn off ample of options to increase its challenges. It is not turning on the hard mode, but just turning off things that are not required. This article will guide you on the best Among Us gameplay settings.

How to make Among Us more challenging?

If you are a group that can catch the imposter fast then you will be bored soon playing Among Us. You can tweak some in-game settings and make it challenging. I am going to list all those settings here to increase the competition level. This will make the match longer, and you can enjoy completing a different task and finding an imposter.

To modify the settings from the game lobby click on Customize on the bottom right of the screen. You can press E to directly access the Among Us Customization menu. Then click on the Game. The new screen has different options that will allow you to make the game easy or challenging. Below are the settings to make it competitive.

  • Set the amount of Imposter to 2 – Best if you are having more than 9 players in a match. More imposters in a small group will have more power.
  • Turn of Confirm Ejection, it will stop people from changing voting decision.
  • Limit the Emergency Meeting to 1 only and set the Emergency Cooldown to 25second. Sometimes this is high, and players have to wait. You can push players to vote fast by keeping the Emergency Cooldown to lower.
  • Limit the Discussion Time to 30 seconds and Voting time to 90 seconds. Reducing the voting time can force players to vote fast.
  • Set the player speed to 1.25x, a little faster compared to the default speed. And set the Crewmate Vision to 0.75x. Higher vision will let players scan rooms faster.
  • Set the Imposter Vision to 1.5x, this will let the player find the imposter fast. Because due to bigger vision an imposter can do things faster and scan the room before all players.
  • Set the Kill Cooldown to 30 seconds and keep the Kill Distance Short.
  • Turn off Visual Task and set 1 to all Common, Long, and Short task.

Just adjust the following settings and you will be able to make Among Us more competitive.