How To Complete All Tasks In Mira HQ Map In Among Us

Complete all the tasks and win the game.

Among Us has a total of three maps, and Mira HQ is one of them. The map has got its own vents and rooms at different locations, which are filled with various tasks to complete. You need to complete these tasks if you are a crewmate and prevent their completion if you are an imposter. No matter who you play, it is important to know all the tasks on the map and how to complete them. In this Among Us Mira HQ guide, we will list down and tell you how to complete all tasks in Mira HQ in Among Us.

Among Us Mira HQ Tasks Guide: How to Complete All Tasks

Mira HQ map has 12 different rooms and locations where you need to complete different tasks. We are listing down each one of the locations separately along with the list of tasks that you need to complete.

Admin Room

You need to complete four tasks in the Admin room. These four tasks are:

Enter ID Code: To complete this task, you need to head to the console in the Admin room. Find the code on the console and enter it in your ID card to complete this task.

Chart Course: This task is like a dotted puzzle. You will have to drag the spaceship on the screen along the line and take it to the very end to complete the Chart Course.

Prime Shields: This is a simple task. All you need to do is to click on the red hexagons to complete it.

Divert Power to Admin: Unlike other tasks in this room, divert power to admin is a two-step task. First, you will have to go to the reactor to begin the flow of power. Next, you need to head to the Admin room and complete the circuit to divert the power. To do this you need to interact with the panel and then select the fuse.


The balcony has got two tasks for you.

Destroy Asteroids: To complete this task, you will have to destroy 20 asteroids as they pass by the screen. All you need to do is simply click on the asteroids and they will be destroyed by a beam.

Analyze Weather: This task is completed automatically. Just interact with the panel and then click on begin. This will start the task and after 5 seconds it will be completed.


The cafeteria has got a total of three tasks for you to complete.

Use the Vending Machine: There will items displayed on the screen along with the corresponding code. Enter the code in the panel to use the vending machine and complete this task.

Divert Power to Cafeteria: It is similar to the one in the Admin room, except that this time it is in the Cafeteria and you need to divert the power there.

Take out the Trash: You will have to press and hold the lever to pull it. Pull the lever until the ben in the Cafeteria is empty.


There’s only one task here.

Divert Power to Communications: Again similar, find the reactor and initiate it to begin the flow. Then head to the Communications room and complete the diversion.


There are two tasks available to complete in Greenhouse.

Divert Power to Greenhouse: Initiate the power flow by interacting with the reactor and then complete the diversion process in Greenhouse.

Clean O2 Filter: I don’t know where they come from, but there are leaves clogged in the O2 filter. Pick the leaves and throw them in the hole to clean the filter.


It has got only one task.

Wire Fixing: Simply join the colored wires with the appropriate sources to fix them and complete this task in the Mira HQ map.


It has got a total of three tasks for you to complete.

Sort Samples: To complete this challenge you need to sort and move samples to the relevant boxes. The boxes are marked making it simple to easily figure out where the samples need to be moved.

Artifact Assembly: All you need to do is assemble the artifact before the time runs out.

Divert Power to Laboratory: Similar to other diversion tasks, head to the reactor to begin the power transfer. Then go to the Laboratory to accept the diversion to complete the flow of power.


This location has got three tasks for you to complete.

Running Diagnostics: This is again a two-step task, but you won’t have to move to a different location to complete the second task. Also, this is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the Mira HQ map as it will take 90 seconds. When you reach the panel, just hold the spacebar button. This will start the test. Once the test is complete, pick the red colored anomaly to complete the task.

Divert Power to Launchpad: Initiate the reactor and head to the Launchpad to complete the diversion process.

Refuel Engines: Keep pressing the poped up button or the screen (on mobile) to start filling the fuel.


There are two tasks in this location.

Divert Power to MedBay: Initiate the reactor and then accept the diversion from MedBay to complete the task.

Submit Scan: This is an automated task, you just need to initiate it and the scanner will scan your character and submit it.


The Office has two tasks that you can complete.

Data Processing: Just click on the upload on the screen and wait for the data to be processed.

Diver Power to Office: Go to the reactor and initiate it and then head to the Office to accept the diversion and complete the task.


The Reactor has two tasks.

Unlock Manifolds: All you need to do is press the numbers displayed on the screen in ascending order.

Start Reactor: Keep pressing the keys appearing on the left of the screen to start the reactor and complete this task.


There’s only one task in this location.

Water the Plants: First head to the storage area to get the water. Next, go to the plants and interact with them to know which ones require water. Water all the plants that need it to complete the task.

That’s all the tasks available on the Mira HQ map. Follow this Mira HQ map guide to complete all the tasks and win the game. You can also read about completing the tasks in the other two maps which are the Skeld map tasks and Polus map tasks.