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Among Us Polus Map Guide – All Vent Locations and How not to get Caught?

Among the three maps, Polus is the biggest, as an imposter you must know all vent locations to move fast. Here is a guide on how to avoid getting caught as an imposter in Among Us on Polus.

Polus is the biggest map on Among Us. There is a various task and among the group of players, the imposter gets enough room to carry out his killing. If you know where all the vents are located you can quietly carry out all your activities without getting notice and win the matches. Tips in this Among Us Polus Map guide is applicable to both single and two imposter map. The power of the imposter is lesser compared to the group, getting noticed by any member is always a risk. So how you move fast and carry out your task.

Understanding the key areas of the map is one of the keys to survive in Among Us. If you are playing on Polus then here are the things you must know. Also if you want to know more about all Polus Task then we have a different dedicated guide for the same.


Among Us Polus Map Key Areas – Vent Locations

On Polus, you will have to explore the outer and inner regions. This put a lot of areas to cover between rooms. If you are the imposter then there can be a risk that you can get easily spotted by other players. With over 15 rooms Polus is quiet a big artic base Among Us. With doors and there are twelve vents on Polus. They all are interconnected and can be a key area for an imposter to travel around. The below image has the location of every vent on the Polus Map.

Among Us Polus Vent Locations


Among Us Polus Vent Locations

The first image above is the vent locations on Polus and the second image is the connectivity between these vents. Some of them are interconnected allowing you to travel among different rooms on the artic base. Click the image to view a full high-resolution image of the vent. The second one next to that shows the connection of all vents. By keeping the location of the vent in your mind you can quietly slip through different rooms without getting noticed. If you are a new imposter in Among Us then the above Polus Map screenshots will help you.

How to play on Polus Map if I am a new imposter?


If you are a new imposter and overwhelmed with the number of rooms on Polus there are some tricks you can try. Playing a group of 8 to 10 is common, the difficulty is due to the large size dead body is reported instantly. Also, people will try to vote you out if they get suspicious. Here are some Polus Map beginners tips you must never forget.

  1. Do not travel alone, be with someone. This is a useful tip for others also who does not want to get killed.
  2. Decontamination rooms can seal you off, you do not want to get caught with an imposter in it. On the contrary, it is a useful room for an imposter.
  3. Remember the vent locations, they are highly important and saves a lot of time. An imposter can instantly join an emergency meeting by passing through vent convincing he is a good guy.
  4. Vent is the best way to peek through different rooms. Beware of the camera, but if you kill someone near a vent you can quickly disappear before anyone finds the body.
  5. Keep a watch on task, do not chase people if you are an imposter. Show yourself you are doing something.

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By following the above tips and referring to the images you can easily conquer Polus Map in Among Us. Want to check out more tips and tricks, shortcuts, and pro tips then check ours Among Us Wiki section.