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How To Fix Among Us Old Version Error

Here are all the possible fixes of the Among Us old version error.

Are you getting the Among Us Old Version error? What does it mean and how to fix this problem? Due to this issue, many players aren’t able to join lobbies and play with friends or strangers online. Unfortunately, this is affecting players on all platforms of PC, Android and iOS. After the recent Among Us update related to anti-hack, this error has cropped up so if you are looking for ways to solve this particular error, here’s how to do it.


How To Fix Game Options Received Were From Old Version of Among Us


When you encounter this problem, you will see the error message as follows: The game options received were from an old version of Among Us. You may need to update. To solve this error, you need to do as the message says which is to have the latest or the most recent version the game. To help you out, here’s how to update Among Us on PC and mobile easily. We also have a guide on how to update Among Us on iPhone specially for iOS users. In case this doesn’t solve the problem, try the fixes mentioned below.

Check your internet connection

If your internet is unstable, it may cause issues in this game’s online lobbies. You need a good internet connection to enjoy the game without interruptions. So, if one of your connections is faulty, try another one and see if this Among Us Old version error comes up.


Restart the game

Close the game and load it up again to see if this solves the error. Try doing it multiple times if you still get the error. If not, try restarting your mobile device as well.

Why is this error coming up? Here are some theories by Players
Players are speculating that this issue may appear when players get flagged in a lobby. The anti-hack software could be bringing up this issue when a player gets flagged so that’s one theory. There’s another theory which says that the Among Us old version error is coming up due to the Among Us beta. Players are switching between beta and the official version, and many are playing with others who are not using the beta. This has probably led to this problem. You can try joining the beta program yourself but if that doesn’t work, all that can be done is to wait until Innersloth fixes it from their end.


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