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How To Play Among Us Beta On PC

Here's how to find Among Us beta update for PC (Steam). Also find out if mobile users can get the beta version on Android or iPhone (iOS).

A new Among Us beta version is here and players are excited to try out the upcoming features in it. But how to get and play the beta? Can you play the beta on Android or iPhone? Well, it is only available for PC. This update has some much-requested features like anonymous voting, task bar changes and colorblind support. In this guide, we will explain how to get the Among Us beta update easily.


How to Access Among Us Beta Version on PC


These are the steps you need to follow to play Among Us beta version on PC and join other beta testers.

  • Open up Steam
  • Look for Among Us in the Library
  • Right click on the game’s name
  • Visit Properties
  • Check the Betas tab
  • From the drop down, click on Public-Beta
  • This is how to get the Among Us beta update for PC. You can now join games with other beta players.



If you only have the mobile game on iOS and Android, you will have to wait until the official update is released. This will happen after being tested and getting feedback from users who will play the PC beta version. Moreover, users of emulators like BlueStacks will also not be able to get this beta since it is strictly for PC users.

What’s new in the Beta update?

These are all the changes being added in the beta version. Basically, it will enhance the overall experience of the game by making it more challenging for existing players and provides accessibility to colorblind players as well. Here’s more about it:


By switching to anonymous votes, you won’t be able to tell who voted for who, making things more confusing and challenging. You cannot hold a grudge against a particular player who voted for you since you won’t know who is against you and who is favoring you. Maximum betrayal and deceit.

There are two options associated with the Task Bar. If you choose ‘Always‘ then you can see the task bar permanently during the game. If you choose ‘Never‘, no one will see it throughout the game. Finally, if you choose ‘Meetings‘, you will see the task bar only during meetings. This affects both impostors and crewmates because both sides won’t be able to tell when the game is about to end and how soon their next kill or sabotage should be. Always is the default setting.


Finally, the wires task has a change where every wire has a shape along with its color. This will help colorblind players finish this task easily and quickly.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Among Us beta version for PC. For more such tips, tricks and information, check out Among Us wiki right away.