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How Do I Update Among Us On iPhone? (Answered)

Wondering how to update Among Us on iPhone? Here's how to do it on iOS devices.

The craze of Among Us is still going strong with loads of new players joining in every single day on various platforms. Everyone wants to play the latest version of the game on PC and mobile devices, which brings us to the question: How to update Among Us on iPhone? Well, look no further. Here’s the easy tutorial on how to update this game on your iOS devices.

How do you update Among Us on iPhone?


Firstly, if you are not sure how to download the game on your iPhone, download it from here. Once you have the game and know that there’s an update available, the process to update Among Us on iPhone is super simple. Note that if you have auto-updates enabled, then chances are that your game is already updated to the latest version. But if you have turned off automatic updates, follow this process to update Among Us on your iOS device. First, head over to the app store. Search the name of the game in the search bar and tap on the game with the iconic photo of the spaceman. Once you are on the store page of the game, you can tap on the Update button and that’s about it. The update will happen.

Another way to go about it is to go to the app store and tap on your profile which should be at the top right of your screen. With that opened, check the Available Updates where you will see Among Us in the list. That’s how you can update Among Us on iPhone right there. Make sure that you have a working internet connection to seamlessly make this happen.

In case you don’t see any option to update, wait until you see one. Developers roll out updates differently for different platforms sometimes. So, you may get the update after some time or after a few days.

Currently, Among Us is facing issues with hackers and server overload. The devs are looking into it so until then, they recommend you to play via private games if possible. If you play public games, you might get kicked out often. If you are curious to know what is the Among us server status and how to check if Among Us is down, check out our linked guide.

Lastly, if you are looking for tips and tricks to be a better player, we’ve got you covered. We have an extensive Among Us wiki that you can check out right away.