Among Us Server Status: Are Servers Down? How To Check

Check Among Us server status & learn if Among Us is down for maintenance. Know if servers are offline, there are issues or it's back online.

Among Us, the online multiplayer game that is all about social deduction and ejecting the Impostor is still on an upward swing in terms of trends. Due to the huge amount of viral memes, fun gameplay videos and streams, it is getting fame that even the developers probably never imagined. Now, with great popularity comes great responsibility – especially with respect to servers. Many times players will encounter server errors and might even get kicked out of games due to this. We have addressed these Among Us error messages and their solutions in a separate post, so be sure to check that out. But in this article, we will take a look at Among Us Server Status and explain how to check if Among Us Servers are down for maintenance right now.

Is Among Us Down? How to Check Among Us Server Status


The game has seen high popularity now after two years of its original release. Understandably, that has put a strain on the servers. Sometimes Among Us matchmaking stops working and you get an error message – it happens. If you are wondering how to check if Among Us is down for maintenance, don’t worry. This is how you can find out if Among Us is down or gone offline.

Check the official Twitter account of the developers of this game for any tweets about the Among Us server status. If you want to get notified of any such information immediately, turn on the tweet notifications for @InnerslothDevs. You can also keep an eye on the tweets of @forte_bass which is the personal account of one of the devs.

Is Among Us Down for Maintenance?

If you want to see if other players are also facing server issues and if the game is down for maintenance, check the active subreddit of Among Us and sort by new. When you sort it like that, you will see all the latest posts by users and you will know if they are complaining or asking about servers being down. Sometimes, the developers may respond to questions which can be counted as the official response for the same. That will clear your doubts about Among Us server status and if it is offline or back online.

These are the different ways you can know the Among Us Server Status. Do note that sometimes it could be your internet connection issue so first you must check if your net speed is stable. If yes, then it could most likely be a server issue.

While the servers are up and you are playing the game, don’t miss our list of Among Us guides with tips, tricks and strategies you can use to grab wins!

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