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Among Us Server Issues: Why Is Among Us Not Working?

Facing Among Us server issues and wondering why is Among Us not working? Find out the reasons here.

The booming popularity of Among Us has led to wide range of experiences for players. Some are trying out a social deduction game for the first time, some are trying out their strategies as an Impostor and some, unfortunately, are battling server problems. Blame the unprecedented fame of this game for the server issues in Among Us. I mean, it went from 1.1 million downloads in Jan 2020 (a big number in itself) to 41.9 million downloads in mid-September. Awesome, right? There’s just too many players trying to join in the fun currently. So, if you are wondering why is among us not working for you and what should you do to fix it, here’s your answer.

How to Fix Among Us Server Issues


You might be playing on PC, Mobile devices or both but server issues are everywhere. Due to the sheer amount of people trying to play together, the servers are overloaded. You will see many Among Us error codes– our linked guide will show you what exactly those error messages mean and how to fix them. But these are the potential fixes which may or may not work at that point of time.


Most are seeing the errors of Reliable Packet (Disconnected from the Server) and the way to solve it involves patience. Lots of it. You have to keep trying until you get into a game or try again later.


Basically, what happens is the servers go down a lot due to reaching maximum capacity and you need to wait until the load is lowered. You can switch to a different server (by clicking on the globe icon) or simply try some other time. Apart from Among Us server issues, you will also encounter some other problems due to your internet connectivity problems.

Rest assured, though, because the developers (Innersloth) have canceled Among Us 2 and are going to focus on Among Us 1 completely. This means more capacity for servers and less load on them. They have promised upgrades, new content, a friends system, colorblind support and of course, server fixes. So, let’s wait and watch.

That’s everything about the Among Us server issues and the answers to why is Among Us not working for you. When it does start working and you can enjoy games with friends or strangers, check out our Among Us guides that will help you be the best player.