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How To Update Among Us On PC, Mobile & Bluestacks

This is how to update Among Us to the latest version easily. Follow the steps in this guide to know.

Among Us is seeing some great popularity right now and rightfully so. It brings together friends or strangers in a game of betrayal and sharp thinking. You can be the innocent crewmate trying to do tasks or the sinister imposter who is trying to sabotage and kill. Now, InnerSloth (the developers) have recently updated the game so if you want to know how to update Among Us on PC and Mobile, here’s how to do it easily.

How do I Update Among Us On PC and Mobile?


Fans of the game need to have the latest changes and improvements available, so updating Among Us on PC and Mobile is crucial for the best experience. In the new updates, you will see some balance changes, bug fixes and possibly some new content that will greatly enhance your gameplay.

How do you get the Latest Version on Computer?

For PC players, since you are playing through Steam, you need to open Steam and go to the Library. You will see Among Us over there. Go ahead and right click on the name and click on Properties. Then, head to the Updates tab where you can choose the option to keep the game updated automatically. By doing this, you will always have the latest version of the game because Steam will do the work for you. While it is going on, you can keep an eye on it from the Downloads section.


How to get the Latest Version on Mobile (Android and iOS)?

For Mobile users, the steps to update Among Us is easier.



Simply head to the app store on Android or iOS and search Among Us. Tap on the game and once you have arrived on the app’s page, go ahead and download the Update as shown there. If your settings have the automatic download option on, then your game will be up to date by default. For iOS users, here’s how to update Among Us on iPhone in detail.

How to Update Among Us on Bluestacks


You can update the game via the Bluestacks emulator as well. All you have to do is open up the Play Store app in Bluestacks and look up ‘Among Us’. Once you are on its store page, tap on the update button to bring the game to the latest version.

This is everything you need to know about it. Download the update and keep enjoying the game with friends – online or offline! If you want to win as an impostor or crewmate, our guides will give you some essential survival tips. Plus, make sure to keep the BEST and funniest Among Us names as your username!