Among Us Voice Chat: How To Talk To Players

Wondering how to do Among Us voice chat on Android, iOS (Mobile) & PC? How to talk to other players and friends while playing? Find out here.

Among Us is all about communicating to others that you are an innocent crewmate while kicking out the suspected impostor. Since talking to other players is such an essential part of the game, you might be wondering if there’s a voice chat option in Among Us. Well, there is no in-game voice chat option available as of now but there are other ways to talk to other players or your friends in the game. In this guide, we will explain how to get started with voice chat in Among Us on Mobile and PC.

How to Set up Voice Chat in Among Us

In the game itself, you can talk to other players via text. But you may have seen Youtubers or other Streamers talking to each other while playing the game. How do they do that? Well, you need to use an external platform to voice chat in Among Us on PC and Mobile (Android, iOS). We will list them out here.


Discord will let you talk to your friends while you are playing the game together and trying to figure out who is the impostor. You can set up the Discord overlay and have fun talking (and blaming) each other. The Discord app is available on iOS and Android as well which will help you enable Among Us mobile voice chat easily.

Call your Friends

You can use a calling app to voice chat while playing with friends. It can be Google Meet, Whatsapp, Skype or anything else. On PC, you can go to settings and change the Graphics settings > Fullscreen to off. This will switch the game to windowed which will help you out. For Among Us mobile voice chat, you can simply use the third-party app of your choice and play the game with that running.

From the aforementioned options, Discord is the best and most preferred choice. Use headphones because you don’t want to give away your game’s sound effects. Moreover, remember to mute yourself whenever necessary (that is, when you get killed). It is important to not spoil the game for other players. Finally, keep your strategies handy because Among Us voice chat will up the difficulty level quite a bit. It is easy to lie through text but it is a whole new ball game when you are talking to other players.

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