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How To Get Among Us Astronaut Costume & Helmet

Know how to get the Astronaut Skin and Helmet (Full Costume) in Among Us on PC and Mobile.

There are lots of costumes, skin combos and outfit ideas that players are coming up with in Among Us. Apart from naming their character in a cool, weird or funny way, they are also making the most of the character customization option. But the one outfit that most players are looking forward to have is the Astronaut costume (with the Astronaut helmet). Since all the shenanigans happen in space inside a spaceship, it only makes sense, right? So in this guide, I will show you how to dress your character in the Among Us Astronaut costume and helmet easily.

How to Unlock Astronaut Costume & Helmet in Among Us


If you are playing this game on PC, you need to head over to the customization section. You can do this by entering a lobby, approaching a laptop and clicking on the Customize button that shows up at the bottom right of the screen.

Within that pop up, you have to click on the Hat tab and look for the Astronaut’s helmet. Once you do that, your character on the left will don the helmet hat.

Next, you have to click on the Skin tab and click on the Astronaut skin/outfit.


That is pretty much it – this is how you can get the Among Us Astronaut costume and helmet for free on PC.

On mobile, though, you have to pay for these items. Since the game is free to play on Android and iOS, you can support the small developer team by purchasing the Astronaut Helmet for $1.99 and Astronaut Costume for $1.99 as well. The Skin basically includes just pants but they are cute!

If you want to take up your space adventure to the next level, you can even bring along a UFO pet! It will follow you around while hovering and flashing its lights. It is a part of the Brainslug Pet Bundle that is priced at $2.99.


So all of this will really complete your spaceman look. In short, the Astronaut skin and helmet is free on PC and paid on Mobile devices. Go ahead and customize your character and enjoy playing this awesome game. While you are at it, check our Among Us guides that will help you through everything.