Best Outfits In Among Us: Skin Combos & Costumes To Use

Looking for the Best Outfits in Among Us? Use these Skin Combos and Costume ideas to spice up your look. Customize your character easily!

One of the best things Innersloth has done to make Among Us even more interesting is the character customization option. When you enter a lobby and are waiting for more players to join, you can head to the laptop and change up your look. You can wear a suit or be a doctor. Heck, you can even be an eggplant or carrot if you want! Players are using their creativity with some skin combos making the best outfits in Among Us. Want to dress up your character in the best costume combination too? Check out the options below!

Best Outfits In Among Us: Costume Ideas and Skin Combos

These are some of the best outfits in Among Us. Take these costume ideas directly or make a skin combo of your own. You can make your character look like a certain known personality or even a vegetable – it is your choice.

Elvis Presley outfit
elvis-presley-outfit-among-usFruits and Vegetables
among-us-best-outfit-ideas-skins-costumeBe the Captain
captain-pilot-outfitDoctor On Board
how-to-get-doctor-outfit-among-usJason Voorhees (Jason Mask)
jason-mask-among-us-costumePlague Doctor with the Strange mask
plague-doctor-mask-among-us-costumeAngel and Devil
angel-devil-costume-among-usSanta Claus is the Impostor
santa-claus-among-us-skin-comboScuba Diver scuba-diver-costume-ideaBecome an Astronaut (Best Outfit in Among Us)astronaut-skin-among-usIt’s your Birthday (Birthday Hat and Birthday Suit)
birthday-among-us-hatSheriff Costume
sheriff-costume-skin-comboBe a Bear
bear-costume-among-usCowboy Skin Combo
cowboy-costume-among-usBat Man, Literally

Military (Soldier)


Be a Viking

viking-best-outfit-among-usWe will be updating this Among Us Costumes guide with some more of the best outfits and ideas so be sure to check back soon.

Once you are satisfied with how you have customized your character, why not choose a unique and funny name for it as well? It can make you stand out in the group (which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you play). Want to make it more confusing for other players? Then find out how to make your name invisible in the game.

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