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How To Get Plague Doctor Mask In Among Us

Get the Plague Doctor Mask and change the look of your Among Us character.

Among Us allows players to customize and tweak their looks in three different ways, which are through skins, hats, and pets. One such customization item that makes the players’ character as a doctor is the Plague Doctor Mask in Among Us. Follow this guide to know how to get Plague Doctor Mask in Among Us without actually waiting for the holidays to arrive.

Among Us: How To Get Plague Doctor Mask


Plague Doctor Mask is categorized under the hats section. It is available for free on PC during the holiday time as the game costs a few bucks to buy in the PC. On the other hand, since the game is free to play on Mobile devices, the hat can cost anywhere between $0.99 to $2.99, just like any other hats.

The Plague Doctor Mask is one of the hats available in the Halloween set. Apart from the Plague Doctor Mask, you can also collect other Halloween hats for free in Among Us. The Halloween set in the game is only accessible during the season’s holidays. However, if you don’t want to wait until Halloween to grab the Plague Doctor Mask in Among Us, there is an alternative way.

All you need to do is to change the system’s date settings to Halloween holidays to fool it around and get your hat. Just turn off the auto-update time function and then manually set it to the Halloween date of the previous year. For instance, since it is 2020, set the date to 10th October 2019, 11:59 PM.


Now, wait until it is 12 AM in-game before starting your match. First, get into a public match and quit it once it is past 12AM. Next, create a game or join one and head to the customization to find the Plague Doctor Mask in Among Us included in the collection. All that’s left to do now is to equip the mask and play as a doctor in the game.

Now you know how to get Plague Doctor Mask in Among Us. If you are not able to get into the game to equip the Plague Doctor Mask, it can be possibly due to server errors and bugs. Since the influx of players in Among Us has seen a sudden surge, there are various errors being displayed on the screen while entering the game. You can easily fix some of the errors such as stuck on startup error. To bring spice to the game, you can increase your chances of becoming an imposter in Among Us.