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How to fix Among Us Stuck on Startup Error – Windows 10 Troubleshooting

Among Us is going through some bugs on Windows 10, if you are dealing with this error check the troubleshooting steps in this guide.

Among Us an amazing game of finding an imposter. One among your friends, one is not a good person, he can destroy you all if you fail to find him. If you are playing this on PC and Among Us is Crashing or facing lags or having a black screen on launch issues then here are some fixes. Among Us is a light game, it does not really need high-end hardware, still, there are some common underlying causes that could lead to crashes. Refer to this Among Us PC troubleshooting guide to resolve various performance related to issues.


How to fix Among Us stuck on Launch Errors?

Starting with the basic troubleshooting step applicable to all Steam games is verifying the game files. Steam itself check for damaged files and replace them. The process is extremely simple will resolve 80% of performance-related problems on the Windows 10 platform. Follow the below steps if you had bought this game from Steam.

  • Launch Steam and go to the game Library
  • Right click on Among Us and click on Properties
  • Choose Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files

Leave everything on Steam to scan check the game files. This is an easy way to resolve all the bugs. If this does not help then follow the below fixes. Common steps involved in fixing performance-related issues.

  1. Update your Graphics Drivers: visit the GPU manufacturer’s official site to download the latest drivers. Nvidia and AMD both provide auto-detect scanners that deliver the latest drivers via the internet.
  2. Low Hardware Resources: In case your system is not that high end terminates background process. Exit applications that are not required, turn off security software, cloud drives, and check again.
  3. Switch to Window Mode: Press Alt + Enter to switch to Window mode if the game is not working on full-screen mode.
  4. Restart the game: If nothing works reboot your system and start the game.

All the above things are enough to resolve Among Us Black screen error on PC. The game is also available on a Mobile phone. Such an issue does not much occur on smartphones, but if you are facing it check the internet connection. The game requires an active internet connection to play. You can read us Among Us Error Code guide to get more troubleshooting tips on the game. We have a set of amazing Among Us tips and tricks you can try out, click the link to know more.