Among Us Funniest Cosplay’s – Watch Before You Die

Among Us is an game you will neve forget. A imposter among friends, a game of betrayal and accusation. It is funny and awesome, and so its cosplays.

Among Us is a game of betrayal and accusation, in a funny way. A group of astronauts locked on a broken ship. One of them is an imposter, whose task is to sabotage the ship and kill all. Others are clean and have to repair the ship for a safe exit. Users around the world are sharing their hilarious videos and it shows how much they enjoy the game.

Cosplay’s is like fan art where users dress like game characters. Sometimes their creativity breaks all boundaries and pulls out the most hilarious jokes you had ever seen. If you are a fan of this game then you will love to watch the list of cosplays I am going to share in this article. Some are just out of the box imagination while some cosplays are near to awesomeness.

List of best Among Us Cosplay’s

We picked the best one from Reddit and other sites. Also sharing details of users who shared this on their profile.

1. The funny Orange Guy

Among Us Cosplay 1

Posted by bydont-eat-crayons on Reddit this Among Us cosplay is hard to digest. Cheers to creativity this is the simplest cosplay you will ever see. Safety Google and lots of colors are near enough to make you look like one of the astronauts of Among Us. But this cosplay will not help you to survive space travel.

2. The Black Ghost

Among Us Cosplay 2

Posted by benisofbepis, this new cosplay is quietly hilarious. It weirds the amount of error needed to craft such a state-of-art cosplay. A skin-tight black costume with a white patch on the head. If you pull out this cosplay in front of your Among Us friends they will laugh the hell out.

3. Covid Safe Among Us Cosplay

Among Us Cosplay 2

Posted by Savin9, the best COVID safe cosplay if you want to walk outside with it. There are no special things required to look like one of the characters of Among Us. It is not near to looking like one but it gives us a feeling of how Among Us would be if it took place on planet earth.

4. The Pros

Among Us Cosplay 3

Let’s get serious now, posted by SP3CT3R, this is good. Especially what they had done with the helmet and tried pulling out the suit similar to Among Us character. I laughed at the pink one with Dum sign on the helmet.

5. White is Good

Among Us Cosplay 5

This is an amazing cosplay. The way it depicts a character from Among Us is simply awesome. Posted by Morganweeman, this Among Us cosplay is too good to ignore. A white suit, helmet, pet, toy on the head, and the imposter’s weapon.

We shared our five best Among Us cosplay’s above. Hope you enjoyed all the amazing Among Us Cosplays. Do share this article with your friends to share a few good laughs.