Is Miles Stronger And Better Than Peter In Spiderman 2?

Who is stronger between Peter Parker and Miles Morales in Spiderman 2? Check out here to know who is the better Spiderman.

Ever since Insomniac’s Miles Morales was released in 2020, players wonder who’s the better Spiderman between Peter and Miles? While this question has divided the internet into two separate sections, some think that Peter Spiderman is relatively weaker than Miles because of his electric Powers. But after the events of Marvel’s Spiderman 2, Insomniac has forced everyone to reevaluate their opinions.

It’s tough to pick a single victor among these two as several factors add up. Miles Morales has created a name for himself in a short duration. And we all know what he is capable of. On the other side, we have Peter Parker, who is known for his ability to overcome all odds. If it would be a comic or death battle, we would have surely picked up a winner. But since we are talking about the Spiderman 2 game, this will be a tough comparison.

We have completed Spider-Man 2, and based on our experience, we are ready to give our insights on who would win between Miles and Peter. Just a heads up, this article will contain major spoilers about the game. So, if you haven’t already played it, I suggest you go back and complete it.

Peter vs Miles in Marvel’s Spiderman 2 – Who is Stronger and Better?

Firstly, let me tell you that there is a mini-boss fight between both Spider-Men. In this fight, we play as Miles against a Symbiote-infected Peter. The younger Spider-Man defeats the original one with the intent to remove the Symbiote. Several players have pointed out this segment and have concluded that Miles is stronger than Peter.

Peter vs Miles in Marvel's Spiderman 2

Pete suffered a loss because he wasn’t completely himself in this fight. It was the Venom Symbiote who took control over his body while the host was trying to resist, eventually. So, this is one of the reasons why he couldn’t give his 100% against Miles. Moreover, we know how much damage Venom can cause if its host ultimately gives in.

I don’t think this boss battle will give us a clear winner, as it was necessary for the storyline. Instead, we must count on Peter and Mile’s feats, experience, and skills to determine a victor among them.

Who Would Win a Battle between Peter Parker and Miles Morales?

Let’s put everything aside and compare Insomniac’s versions of Peter and Miles. Both of these Spider-Men have their unique set of strengths and abilities. Where Miles benefits from his electric powers, Peter has eight years of Spidey experience.

who will win between Peter and Miles?

Peter is faster and has good control over his Spider-sense. On the other hand, Miles has just begun his adventures and has yet to discover his full potential. With time and passion, Miles can do all that Peter can. However, we should not forget that Peter pulls back his punches. So, if he unleashes his full might, there’s a great chance that he can overpower Miles.

The win probability between these two superheroes keeps fluctuating. But from what we have seen, Miles Morales is stronger than Peter’s version of Spider-Man. I am saying this not because he has cool electric powers but because he has backed up Peter in every situation. In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there are plenty of occasions where Peter is easily defeated. Those battles were won because Miles showed up.

Eventually, Peter would have defeated those villains, but there was too much to handle at once. And how Insomniac has showcased them, Miles appears stronger than Peter in most scenarios.

Who is the Better Spiderman?

Who is the better Spiderman between Peter and Miles

In the Insomniac Universe, Miles has a slight advantage over Peter regarding skills and abilities. However, the city needs a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man who understands it well. And in this case, Peter is surely a better Spider-Man than Miles. He is emotionally mature and knows how to handle situations where combat isn’t required.

This debate can continue forever, and that keeps us from enjoying the beauty of these characters. So, as fans, we should sit back and enjoy them the way they are shown.

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