6 Best Hiding Spots In Among Us

These are the top places to hide for a Hide and Seek game with friends. Use these best hiding spots in Among Us Skeld map, Mira HQ and Polus.

Hiding, lying and betraying are the foundational concepts of Among Us and if you master it, you are capable of getting wins as an Impostor. Since you have to sabotage, kill and hide in vents while you are pretending to be a crewmate, you should also know which are best hiding spots in Among Us. These locations will be useful if you want to catch unsuspecting crewmates or simply want to take cover after a kill.

Best Hiding Spots in Among Us Hide and Seek Game

Here are all the hiding spots on The Skeld, MIRA HQ and Polus maps. These locations will only work if you don’t have fancy hats or pets. You need to have a minimal character with only a color. Plus, keep a name that is barely visible or invisible because that is how you can get away with it. As an example in the screenshots below, I have used a “dot” as my Among Us name.

The Skeld: Comms Room

among us hide communications room

This place is not a fully hidden location but it can work if you are playing with friends who are very new to the game. Simply stand behind the blue chair in the Communications room, reveal yourself in front of a crewmate, go in for the kill and hide again. Make sure to sabotage something so that the other crewmates run off to fix it while you make your escape.

The Skeld: Behind the Reactor

reactor skeld map

The reactor room is an interesting hiding spot in Among Us and works very well with a white color. You can blend in with the reactor lights and catch your opponents off guard easily. Camouflage level – top notch!

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Mira HQ: Behind the Satellite in the Balcony

mira hq balcony satellite

There is a big satellite on the left side of the Balcony in Mira HQ and there is good space to hide behind it. Plus, there’s a vent nearby so once the coast is clear, you can go ahead and vent into a different room. This is one of the best hiding spots in Among Us.

Mira HQ: Behind the Shelf in Storage (Best Hiding Spot in Among Us)

mira hq bookshelf

Another place to hide is behind the bookshelf in Storage. Reaching this location is very easy – simply walk behind the shelf and don’t move if someone else walks in. Since the camera angle of other players doesn’t change, they will not notice you if you are careful.

Polus: Satellite Tower


The Satellite Tower’s dish is what you can use to hide without anyone suspecting your presence there. You need to align your character’s body with the dish correctly because if you end up behind the pole, it will be a dead giveaway. This tower is to the south-west of the Storage area.

Polus: Asteroid Shooter (Best Hiding Spot in Among Us)


You can easily hide behind the tower which has two cannons that shoot during the clear asteroids visual task. This is also one of the best hiding spots in Among Us that you can take advantage of.

These are all the locations you can use during your Among Us hide and seek games with friends online or local multiplayer. We have lots more secret tips and tricks that you can use to be the best player (Crewmate or Imposter) so head over to our Among Us Wiki to get it all in one place.