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Among Us Imposter Pro Tips: Sneaky Strategies You Must Know To Win

Best impostor tips & strategy guide. 15 sneaky tricks to use to win as the killer. These pro tips will help you be a better imposter easily.

If you are looking for some hidden tips and tricks and Imposter strategy to use in Among Us, you’ve come to the right place. While we have an Among Us imposter guide that will explain some more tips, this one is all about the lesser known pro tips you must know to win. There are various elements on every map that you need to understand before going for the sabotage or kill. If you know these tricks well, you will get an upper hand over other players and make your way towards an easy win. Be an expert liar and betrayer by using these sweet techniques.


Among Us Imposter Strategy Guide: Win as the Killer


These are some of the Among Us Imposter tips, tricks and strategies you can keep in mind while playing as a solo imposter or with other imposters.

1. If you see someone doing a visual task, that means they are a crewmate for sure. Since other crewmates will also understand this, they will try to stick together. This will make things difficult for you. So, try to get the surefire crewmate alone and eliminate them as soon as possible.


2. Close doors of a certain room only when no one sees you entering it. Once you are inside with one other person, kill them and vent immediately. But remember to not get caught while coming out of the vent as well.



3. Once you come out of a vent after killing, and you are not spotted, walk towards other players. Now when you sabotage, run towards it with them. This will create an alibi for you.

4. Speaking of sabotage, here’s another trick. Use a sabotage to divert the attention of other players but seem panicky yourself too. Sometimes, you can go and fix the sabotage yourself. This will build trust among other players and they might stand up for you in the discussion. If you sabotage and run away from it, that is a clear giveaway, so don’t do that.


Among Us Imposter Guide: Tips and Tricks

5. If a camera is blinking a red light, that means someone is watching the security cameras. If you kill in front of that, an emergency meeting will be called on you to eject you.

6. When someone sees you near a dead body, tell them that you just entered and was just about to report it. Pretend to be an innocent crewmate and try to turn the tide on the person who saw you. You can even say that you walked inside with them and you both saw the dead body at the same time.


7. Don’t enter a room and head out just because there isn’t any victim in it. Just go towards any task which is not visual and fake something there. Doing this will show that you were indeed trying to complete tasks and not looking for your next target.

8. Try not to kill in the passageways between rooms. Most of the times, you won’t know who is heading towards you. There have been multiple instances where someone has just walked in on someone killing a player. So kill only in rooms – electrical is the safest.

9. You cannot close doors in Mira HQ so keep that in mind while playing.

10. Don’t follow players for a long time, because they might get suspicious and call an emergency meeting.

11. Never stand at a location where there’s no task while trying to sabotage something. Make it look natural by doing it while you are walking or doing a task. One thing you can do, though, is pretend to be AFK while standing still at a location and just kill out of the blue. But it is very, very risky. I would not recommend it.

12. Chat the exact same way you would as a crewmate. Act like one too. It’s likely that you’ve been a crewmate way more often than an imposter so behave that way this time too.

13. Don’t go around accusing everyone without reason. Let the deduction happen naturally and give proof that sounds valid. Don’t be the one who is talking too much and definitely not the one who is talking too less.

14. Pretend to be a noob by saying things like idk, any sus? or even who are we voting for? The initial suspicions may not turn to you if you are lucky.

15. Build trust for yourself by saying a particular player is clear. When you kill them without anyone seeing you, you can then act surprised. These subtle things will add to your credibility.

Finally, if you manage to pit the crewmates against each other, they will end up voting each other out without any suspicions on you.

These were the Among Us Imposter tips, tricks and strategies along with the lesser known ways to succeed. We’ve got lots more guides in our Among Us wiki. Head over to the link to read everything you need to know about winning the game as a crewmate or the villainous imposter. Here are a few examples: