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How To Get Mini Crewmate In Among Us

Here's how to get a Mini Crewmate in Among Us easily. Also find out if you can get it for free.

If you’ve joined the fun of this exciting social deduction game and want to know how to get the Mini Crewmate in Among Us, you are at the right place. Those cute little crewmates who follow you around and become sad when you get killed are a great addition to this game. These are actually pets but it’s not known if the pet is the main crewmate’s child or something else. But no matter what the backstory is, here’s how to get the Mini Crewmate in Among Us.

Among Us Mini Crewmate: How To Get Mini You



The way to get this mini version is by purchasing the Mini Crewmate bundle which is a downloadable content (DLC). Although you can only equip one pet at a time, you can get a mini crewmate and a robotic friend.



This friend looks like Wall-E and is an adorable companion as well. These pets will have a unique animation when the impostor kills the “parent” (and yes, it’s very sad).


So, this is how to get the mini crewmate in Among Us. In case you are wondering, it takes the same color as the parent. Once you buy the bundle, here’s how to equip the pet.


How to Equip Pets in Among Us

To get the mini crewmate to follow your spaceman around the map, simply head over to the laptop in the game lobby. Click on the Pet tab and choose your companion from the list of pets you own. That is pretty much it. With this simple process you can get the mini version of you in the game.

Wondering if you can get the mini crewmate for free? We’ve covered all about it on our guide on how to get free pets.


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