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Among Us: Can You Get Free Pets? (Answered)

Are there any free pets available in Among Us.

The recent fame Among Us was released a couple of years back, but now is the time when it is leaving its golden age. The game has managed to surpass almost every other game out there to be at the top in the list of being it most played, most streamed, or whatever it is. The game costs a few bucks in PC, but it is absolutely free to play in mobile devices. But what will InnerSloth get, if they give up everything for free? Hence, to generate revenue they have added customization items such as hats, skins, and pets in the game. Some of these items are free to get, while some others cost real-world money.

This has raised the question of how to get free pets in Among Us in the minds of several players or in other words are there any free pets in Among Us. In this guide, we will give you all the information that you need to know about how to get free pets in Among Us.

Among Us: How to Get Free Pets?

Pets in Among Us are just customization and does not by any mean affect the gameplay. They will just follow you everywhere in the game and make sad faces and cry if you are killed by an imposter.

If we come straight to the point, there are no free pets in Among Us. This means that the only way to equip pets is by purchasing them. Every pet bundle in Among Us costs $2.99 throughout all the platforms. The list of all the pet bundles is:

  • Bedcrab Pet Bundle (Purple + Orange and Brown)
  • Brainslug Pet Bundle (Green and UFO)
  • Hamster Pet Bundle (Blue and Brown)
  • Mini Crewmate Bundle (White and Wall-E)
  • Stickman Bundle (Henry and Ellie)

There might be several videos and guides out there that would tell you to download and install some third-party applications to get free pets in Among Us. But all those are unofficial ways of getting free pets, and most of them are fake and can cause trouble for you. Hence it is best to invest a few bucks for getting these cute little pets in Among Us.

There might be events during which InnerSloth might decide to give away free pets for a certain period of time. This usually happens as a part of promotional strategy. So keep your eyes open to see any such promotional event, if it ever happens, for Among Us where there are free pets up for grab.