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How To Easily Convince People To Skip As Imposter In Among Us

Convincing people to skip as an impostor can be difficult. You will need to shift the blame, confuse people & more in Among Us to skip vote

If you’ve ever been an imposter in Among Us, you know how difficult it is to convince people otherwise, but there are still ways in which you can install confidence and false hope among the crewmates of you not being an imposter. This guide will show you how to convince people to skip as an imposter.

How To Convince People To Skip As Impostor In Among Us


Among Us has given a lot of players a unique chance to not only play a tiny game based out in space but also managed to add the risk factor with one or multiple imposters in the crew who are hellbent on sabotaging your missions or kill crewmates.

If you play Among Us enough times, you will have a strong chance of being the imposter and while there is always anxiety when a body that you killed gets reported and suddenly everyone looks suspicious.

Well, the first thing you will need to do is ask “Where” the body was found, as soon as you kill a crewmate, leave the area via a vent or simply just walk away. When you’re not close to the crime scene it makes you seem less obvious as the imposter.


impostor among us

If you’re in a game with multiple imposters, always kill crewmates alternatively. This will keep everyone else guessing and will give the crewmembers little to no hope of finding you.

Another thing that you can do is shift the blame on someone else, use words like “sus” and “vent” in a sentence to blame someone of your crime. Name a color and say that you suspect them to be the imposter, make sure that no one else has seen them carry out their tasks perfectly.


Tensions are always high during the discussion phase whether it is an emergency meeting or if someone has found a body. If no one is accusing you, ask whom to vote and stay away from voicing your opinions.

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Doing all the above things will ensure that people do not think of you as an imposter and you can convince people to skip as an imposter in Among Us.