How To Get Custom Skins In Among Us

Custom skins in Among Us will allow you to stand out from the rest and design your own skin. You can create hats, uniforms and other things

Custom skins in Among Us will give the players the chance to reflect their own personalities in the game and bring new and exciting things to show off. If you’re not content with what the developers have in store for you, check out how to get custom skins in Among Us.

How To Get Custom Skins In Among Us

Among Us gives the players a few options where they can select the color of their outfits and what type of accessory each player wants to design their character with but even after the massive rise in popularity it seems a bit outdated.

If you think that none of the already available skins in Among Us is catering to your taste you can create a custom skin that will be like nothing else in the game.

how to get custom skins in among us
credit: u/demonicblissxx

Creating custom skins offers the players to stand out apart from each other and while this may seem like a gimmick it sure helps you to distinguish yourself apart from just the color.

The custom skins that you create in Among Us works only for you and the rest of the players in the game will see you without these skins. You can’t show off these skins but you can always share pictures and videos among your friends to show off this cool new trick.

This trick was presented by Redditor u/zoeyfan69 and you can check out how to do it right here on

Is Safe For Custom Among Us Skins

The lure of Among Us skins might take you to the far corners of the internet that will have you come across a lot of websites, among them, you will come across a website called this website promises to deliver custom skins that you can use in multiplayer but when you get to the site it turns out to be a scam and might cause serious harm to your personal information.

This is all there is to know about how to get custom skins in Among Us, while you’re here why not check out the funniest names for your characters in Among Us.