Among Us Matchmaker Is Full Error: How To Fix

In this guide, we have explained the reason behind Among Us Matchmaker is Full error and how to fix it.

Are you getting the Among Us Matchmaker is Full error and the game is asking you to please try again? What does this error mean and how to fix it? Well, in this guide, I will explain the reason behind and the solution of this particular error message. Due to the vast popularity of Among Us, millions of players are joining in on the fun but unfortunately, many are facing issues where the game ends up not working. Don’t worry, because here are all the possible fixes.

How to Fix Among Us Matchmaker is Full Error (Explained)

As you might already be aware, Among Us is facing server overload due to the huge number of players trying to join lobbies around the world. At certain times of the day or night, there are just too many players which is why you might not be able to join. When you get the “Among Us Matchmaker is Full, Please try again in a few minutes” error, it basically means that there are more players than the servers can handle. If you see this, don’t fret. Here are some of the things you can do to remove this error and begin playing immediately.

Check if Among Us servers are Down


We have a guide on how to check Among Us server status because with that, you will know if the developers are working on server maintenance at that point. You can also keep an eye on the official twitter handle of Innersloth for any latest announcements or updates.

Keep trying

If you really want to play at that very moment, well, keep trying. Sometimes, multiple tries will fix the error so go ahead and try that out to resolve the Among Us Matchmaker is Full error. You can also close the game and restart it to see if that changes anything.

Change your game server or region manually


Here’s how to change your server in Among Us. It’s the little globe icon on the screen through which you can switch to another region. If the high traffic hours are different, you will be able to join a game and start playing instantly.

Try again with VPN

If you use a VPN, you can try out a different location where the server load may be less. This can be an option if you are preparing to play Among Us at a peak time from your own location. Make sure to go for a trustworthy VPN service that will give you what you need while protecting your privacy.

So, that is how you can fix the Among Us Matchmaker is Full error. We hope that it helps you out! For more such tips and tricks, be sure to reach our Among Us wiki guide right away.