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How to Play Among Us with 100 Players? Is there a Mod?

Imagine playing Among Us with 100 players, all packed inside a ship, doing tasks and how fast will it be possible to find an imposter?

Is there a way to play Among Us with 100 players? Is there any Mod that can remove the 10 player restriction from the game? Well, we will try to find an answer to this. Recently there was a video shared on Youtube where it showed entirely different Among Us gameplay. The player was able to pull out 100 players in one single game. Also, the gamer was able to activate cheats of using game objects, breaking the ship that throws all out, and more. Is this real or fake?

How to remove Among Us 10 player restriction?

Among Us is an online game of 10 players. In a small group, there is 1 imposter while in a large group there is a minimum of 2 imposters. The job role is clear, the imposter has to sabotage the ship and kill all. While other players try to spot the imposter and throw him off the ship. If the imposter is caught the game is over, if the imposter can kill all then he wins the game.

With over 10 players you can play for a long but right-now there is no mod or cheat to add 100 players in one match. The video you saw on the internet was a game animation and it is widely shared. You cannot use cheats or mods on Among Us, it is an online game. But in coming we might see a modded edition of Among Us where we can do more.

Based on its popularity this game is touching a gamer’s heart. It is still popular and a mod will give us more to do. Among Us does not allow you to choose a custom profile or a mod where you can unlock game restriction. So you will have to wait for the same. Some third-party websites share Mod Apk for Android devices, but this does not work well. Beware of a security issue if you are downloading, then download it on your own risk.

We will keep you updated about all the developments and features of Among Us game. Till then enjoy playing it the way it is and do not forget to navigate through our Among Us wiki section. You can find a lot of tips and tricks on it.