Among Us: How To Kick Players

You will encounter some bad apples that you need to kick out of the game. Here's how to kick players in Among Us and keep a safe space.

Among Us is fun to play with friends but many times, you will play with absolute strangers. And those strangers…well, you might have to kick people in Among Us for various reasons. If you want to know how to do it, here’s how to kick players in Among Us.

How to Kick Players in Among Us

In case a player is spamming the chat or is being plain rude to other players, you can kick them. You can also kick players who are unnecessarily trolling. This is how to do it:

Keep playing the game and get into the discussions naturally.

In the discussion section of the game, if someone is being a real annoyance, click or tap on the symbol which has a boot that is kicking. It looks like this.


Doing this will open up a list of all the players in the game.

Click or tap on the player that is causing trouble and then click/tap the KICK button under the names.

Now, keep in mind that after a game starts, three people will need to vote in order to kick a certain player. Due to this, hosts that have a personal vendetta against a player will not be able to exercise their authority.

Before a game, though, the host can kick and ban players.

Also note that once you become a ghost, you cannot vote to kick someone because you know who is the impostor and you will vote for him. Hence, ghosts will be just spectators.

So, this is how you can kick players in Among Us. Due to the filter available in game, many words are being filtered out but it is not a 100% perfect so a few trolls might still be able to be rude. Go ahead and kick players who are causing a menace and keep your matches safe!

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