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Why Is The Swipe Card Task In Among Us So Hard?

Are you getting annoyed with the card swipe task in Among Us too? How to do it correctly & why is it so hard? Here's what I think about it.

I absolutely love Among Us. Like most players of this game, I discovered it only when it became wildly viral and I am fully enjoying games with friends and strangers. Initially, I made the rookie mistake of going off alone as a crewmate only to give an easy kill to the impostor. But I’m a changed person now. I use proper strategies during the “task” phase as well as the discussion phase. Asking ‘where’ and pretending to do tasks in electrical became second nature to me. But there’s one thing that is testing my patience and honestly getting me killed as a crewmate – the card swipe task in Among Us. Why is it so freaking hard to do it?!


How to Swipe Card in Among Us? No, Seriously, How?

Since I have the game on PC as well as Mobile, it is important to note that doing this task is way easier on mobile. You may have to do a couple attempts and that’s it. I’ve had some successes there. But on PC? Nothing short of a nightmare. This is a visual representation of me as a crew member:

This meme fits so perfectly from AmongUs

From an outsider’s perspective, it is the simplest mini-game to complete in the admin room.


“All you have to do is take out the card from the wallet and just swipe it. Simple! Just swipe the card. Why is it so tough?” I’ve got one word for you: Speed.

If you do it too fast, it will not be accepted.


Too slow, you will fail again.

Trying to get tasks done in a hurry and don’t swipe the card all the way? BAD READ!! Try again.



About that last one, note that you’ve got the accurate speed but you didn’t swipe the card till the end. Still a failure, though.

This Task Makes You Vulnerable

During my numerous attempts of swiping the card, I have been killed by the impostor who I thought was just trying to do his own tasks. That’s because while you are doing the card swipe task, the screen is covered by the mini-game pop-up (as you can see above). You cannot really focus on who is coming into the room and possibly planning to kill you. This whole situation leaves you in a spot where you hope and pray to the space gods that the person in the room is not a traitor.

Additionally, this is not a visual task. So, an impostor can clearly stand in the area and blend in with the crewmates.

In such cases, calling it frustrating is an understatement. But then again, the goal of this game is to induce panic and boy, do I feel panicked! You are always in fear of coming across the impostor who might kill you with one click of a button. That is why this mini-game is awesome in the way it was designed. It makes me want to complete the task fast, fail, fail again, and then feel relief when my little spaceman was not murdered while doing it. In the grand scheme of things, the card swipe game is genius. Kudos to the developers.

So, the answer to the question “how to swipe card” in Among Us is…Patience? Practice? Luck? Dunno. But when you do get it right on your first try, the feeling you get is out of this world. Literally.