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Among Us: Best Easter Eggs And Pop Culture References That You Should Not Miss

All Easter eggs in Among Us refer to Henry Stickmin, as well as other popular tv shows and films like Looney Tunes, Futurama and Terminator 2

Easter eggs in Among Us are so well hidden and cryptic that it is easy to ignore them and be unaware of their existence until someone points out them for you, there are plenty of callbacks to the previous title like the Henry Stickmin collection and much more.


If you want to know about all the easter eggs in Among Us, read this guide until the end for some splendid surprises.

We’ve gone through lengths painstakingly staring at our monitor to carefully discover all the easter eggs in the game. This list will show you where the publisher InnerSloth kept all of these easter eggs in Among Us right in front of everyone and still hidden.

Best Easter Eggs In Among Us

Among Us is developed by PuffballsUnited and published by InnerSloth, this three-man dev team has referenced games, movies and so much pop culture ideas into this perfect little game.


Most of the easter eggs are related to the Henry Stickmin game which was developed by the same dev team, so let’s just start by checking them all out.

The Henry Stickmin Collection

Henry Stickmin gets referenced the most in all of the easter eggs in Among Us, so it makes sense to start this list with all the Henry Stickmin Collection references that we’ve found in the game.



among us henry stickmin diamond easter egg


In the Specimen Room, if you have the task, which will have you put random things in their proper shape, you can easily make the mistake of ignoring one tiny little detail before moving on. The diamond here is a reference to the Henry Stickmin game.

You can see the same diamond in the chute where you will need to clear out the trash in the chute, it does bring up questions about why would anyone throw away a perfectly large diamond but it looks like Diamonds aren’t as valuable in Among Us as they were in Henry Stickmin.


In the chute itself, you might have noticed that there is a device with a red button on top of it, this device is the teleporter from the Henry Stickmin Collection.


among us teleporter easter egg

While it would be useful to teleport yourself away from harm’s way in Among Us, sadly you cannot access it and you will need to blow it out in space during one of your tasks.

NRG and Mountain Dew

When you get to the cafeteria part in Among Us, you should check out the vending machine, though there are tons of things that you can purchase, there you will find an NRG bottle which Henry Stickmin uses to escape prison in the game.

among us nrg mountain dew

If you look below you will see a bottle with the name Don Dew, with its green color and shape you can easily deduce that it is a call back to the popular soft drink Mountain Dew.



There are tons of posters all over the three maps with Henry Stickmin featuring on most of them. Not only do you need a keen eye on the posters but you will probably have to zoom in a bit to see what poster it is.

Among us henry stickmin easter egg

Posters can be found in all random places, so keep your eye out for this neat little easter egg.

QR Code

In the office, you will get a task that will have you scan your ID with a QR Code on it to complete the task, open up the QR code scanner on your phone and scan it.

among us qr code easter egg

It will read as “Yo Holmes, smell you later”.


Among Us also managed to include a ton of references in the game with pets as there’s a wide variety of pets that you can purchase from the store in-game. But some pets stand out more than others and there’s a lot of familiar characters here.

among us henry stickmin ellie rose pet easter egg

You will see a stickman character which is a direct reference to Henry Stickmin, another similar character can be found here but with red hair, this is a reference to Ellie Rose again from the Henry Stickmin Collection.


There’s also a hat in the game which has Henry Stickmin on top of it, you can purchase the hat via the in-game store or just check it out.

among us henry stickmin hat easter egg

There’s another top hat on top of another which is directly taken from Henry Stickmin, as you browse further into the same category.

Make sure that you do not miss out on the gold-encrusted top hat that you can buy here as well. More references are made as you move along where you can find a blue trucker cap with ‘C‘ on it, then there’s one Police officer hat that you can use.

There’s an army general hat, a purple mask that can completely hide your face,

You will also get to see the Charles Headphones in the game which is yet again another item taken from the same game.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

among us legend of zelda easter egg

Among Us even has a Zelda meme easter egg but this one can be tricky to find, but during the task which involves you having to water the plants, the third one from the right resembles like the one from the Zelda game franchise.


among us wall e easter egg

When you move down the list you will also see a small robot that looks eerily similar to Wall-E from the film called Wall-E.


A small green one-eyed alien in amongst the list too, this alien is none other than the brain slug from Futurama TV series.

among us brain slug easter egg

There are more Futurama references throughout the game as you will find the brain slug on a key when accessing the doors of the Dropship.

Terminator 2

In the Polus map, whenever the crewmates find and kill an imposter, the animation will show the character fall into lava and then rise once again to give a thumbs-up sign.

among us terminator 2 easter egg

This is a direct reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film Terminator 2 where he does a similar thing.

Looney Tunes

As looney and fun this game is there’s a subtle nod to Elmer J. Fudd’s hat as well in Among Us.

among us elmer j fudd easter egg

Use this hat and parade around the spaceship to find the impostor or be one yourself.


among us samsung easter egg

The monitor inside the office in Among Us has the brand name Simsong which anyone can tell you is a clever little nod to Samsung, one of the most popular electronic manufacturing companies.


among us dell easter egg

Inside the Security room, where you can check the security cam to spy on others. The monitor here is by a company called ‘Bell‘ which conveniently rhymes with Dell.

These are all the easter eggs and references that we could find in Among Us if you’ve found more easter eggs let us know and we’ll add them to the list at the soonest.

Image Courtesy: kacpi26