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Among Us: How To Get Charles Headphones

Love the Henry Stickmin Collection and want to get the Charles headphones in Among Us? This is how to unlock it.

Innersloth, the developers of Among Us have also created The Henry Stickmin Collection. In this game, there’s Charles Calvin (also known as Charlie) who is a helicopter pilot. One of his most identifiable features is actually an accessory – his headphones. Many players know that this headphone is available in Among Us as a little tribute but how to unlock it? Well, this is how you can get the Charles Headphones in Among Us easily.

How to Get Charles Headphones in Among Us


The process to get the headphones is super easy. To unlock the Charles Headphones in Among Us, you have to get a special bundle of Hats and Skins. That is the MIRA HQ Skins Bundle. By purchasing this pack, you can support the developers while getting sweet new outfits and headwear for your astronaut.

Do note that this skin bundle is not free. You can purchase it for US$1.99 on PC (Steam) as well as from the mobile game. In the mobile version, you need to open up the customization menu (by going near the laptop in the lobby) and click on the $ sign to see which items you can buy. You can also get this menu by clicking the $ sign on the main menu.

With this specific Mira HQ Skins bundle, you get three hats and three skins including the Charles Headphones in Among Us. It is not shown on the cover image of the bundle on steam, but it is included, don’t worry!

So that is how you can get your hands on this specific piece of headwear (or ‘Hat’) in the game. If you want some more character customization options, you can check out our guides on how to get the Plague Doctor mask, Jason mask, other Halloween hats and Christmas Hats.

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