How to play Among Us on Mac?

Do you want to know that can you play Among Us on a Mac OS or an iPhone?

Among Us is highly popular on the Android platform and on Windows PC platform. The game is available via Steam for PC Players, while Android Smartphone users can download this game from Google PlayStore. But how to play Among Us no a Mac PC. Thankfully there is an iOS version of Among Us is available on App Store. You can download it directly on iPhone but what about playing Among Us on Mac.

How to play Among Us on Mac?

There are two ways to play Among Us on Mac. The first is via Emulator and the second is via Virtual Machine. Both are the best way to run all Windows software on a Macbook. But you must know the difference between both methods.

An Emulator does not require any special installation. It is just like an app that directly runs Windows software on Mac. Emulators have stability issues, that is the reason some software crashes while using. There is no fix for the same, but you can try. One of the popular emulators for Mac is Parallel Desktop. This emulator is optimized to run games also. You can run a Windows game on a Mac PC.

Among Us is a lightweight online game. It does not require a very high-end hardware, so you can run it on the emulator. Parallel Desktop also allows you to run Linux and Unix apps on Mac.

The most stable way to play Among Us on Macbook is using a Virtual Machine. A VM or Virtual Machine creates a Windows environment inside a mac system. It was exactly similar to using a Windows laptop. VM software manages everything. It will reserve a fixed space in RAM and CPU to power the Windows operating system.

You can launch the OS and install Among Us from Steam. VMWare Fusion is best in the list of Virtual Machine software for Mac. The tool can draw out benefits from the graphic processor of the mac system. This is important to run games, but the setup can be a little tricky. An emulator is just a click and run tool while Virtual Machine installation is different.

You can try Youtube for step by step instructions of running Windows game on Mac via Virtual Machine. Currently, there are these two best methods to run Among Us on a Mac pc.