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What Does Cyan Mean In Among Us? (Answered)

Want to know what does Cyan mean in Among Us? Find out here.

While playing, you may have seen the words “Cyan Sus” in Among Us. Now, if you have read our article, you already know what sus means in the context of this popular game. But what does Cyan mean in Among Us? New players are confused about the same and I will explain what it means in this quick guide.

What does Cyan mean? (Cyan Sus)


The answer is nothing complex – Cyan is just the name of a color.  Yup, that’s pretty much it. It’s not any kind of a code word or in-game terminology. In terms of this game specifically, if you see that a player having this color is acting suspicious, you can say ‘Cyan Sus’ in the chat. After that you can provide your proof and go ahead with voting.

Why call it cyan and not light blue, you ask? Since time is of the essence in Among Us, you need to type things fast. Especially if you are playing on Mobile devices, it can get tough to type “light blue” quickly. Hence, Cyan is the shorter, easier and quicker option preferred by a majority of players.

You might also be wondering – why not call it blue? Straightforward, right? Well, that is because there is another color that is dark blue which is mostly addressed as blue by players in the game. If you want to know how to switch colors, check our guides on how to change your color and customize your character in the lobby. Plus, if you want to create chaos in your game, you can keep your name as a color that is NOT your actual color. For example, change your color to red and call yourself Cyan in Among Us. Want more confusions? Keep an invisible name as a Cyan player.


Among Us has seen a deluge of new players and many of those are new to gaming entirely. Interestingly, this game has brought a lot of slang words to the forefront due to the viral Among Us memes. So, next time when someone says ‘Cyan Sus’ and you are the player with the light blue color, know that they are talking about you. Your goal in this case will be to show off your convincing skills and stay safe inside the spaceship.

Now that you know what it means, check out our other Among Us guides that will explain every single thing you need to understand about this game. Stay with Gamer Tweak for more latest updates.