From where I can download and play Among Us Unblocked?

Heard about Among Us Unblocked? Want to know what is the Unblocked version of Among Us Game?

Among Us is a multiplayer game where a group of players struggles to fix a ship to return to civilization. One among them is an imposter whose job is to sabotage the ship and kill all the crewmates. As soon as a dead body is reported other users called an emergency meeting and vote for the imposter. Sometimes an innocent is thrown out of the ship and the imposter is left. But if all are lucky they can find the killer and win the match.

A new version of Among Us is trending which is called Among Us Unblocked. This new version has different gameplay. Instead of a regular human imposter, he is replaced by a shape-shifter alien. Now, this sounds amazing, a regular imposter is limited in power similar to other imposters. He can walk behind them, do objectives, and kill crewmates. Also, his movements are suspicious enough to get caught in the act.

But if you download Among Us Unblocked the imposter will be an alien. An alien whose power is to change shapes and transform something else. It is unclear what all shapes the alien imposter can take in Among Us Unblocked. In this article, I am going to share all the details about Among Us Unblocked. Whether this is a real game or just a hoax.

Download Among Us Unblocked

Among Us Unblocked is a hoax as far we had found. The download provided via is nothing but a malware file. You will see a 98MB download of this game, avoid downloading the same. The entire game is nothing just some files to prove that this is a real game. There is one source of Among Us Unblocked download, and it is provided via Google Drive in the form of Zip Extractor.

Beware of downloading such unofficial or pirated copies of the game. It can be some malicious code that can lead to a security issue in the game. We are still trying to find out a legit version of Among Us Unblocked. If there is such a game you will get an Among Us Unblocked direct download link in this article along with a gameplay video.

Till then you can enjoy playing the actual version of Among Us and scan through our guides section to get tips and tricks that can turn you into a pro imposter.