Among Us Imposter Glitch: Here’s How To Always Become An Imposter

Now your chances of becoming an imposter in every game have increased due to Among Us imposter glitch.

The major talk in the gaming world has been being the imposter in one of the most popular fun games Among Us. Everyone is looking out for ways to always be an imposter in Among Us. The question that arises here is whether you can always become an imposter or not? Earlier, there wasn’t much of a chance to become an imposter each time. However, due to the Among Us imposter glitch, players are now able to become an imposter in most of the games they play.

Among Us Imposter Glitch: How to Always Become an Imposter

There were already a couple of ways that could increase your chances of becoming an imposter in each game. You can read about both the ways to always be an imposter from our guide.

The Among Us Imposter Glitch that was discovered recently can exponentially increase your chances of always becoming an imposter in Among Us. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to help you with the leveraging the imposter glitch.

  1. Open the application and enter the game
  2. Host the game and select the number of imposters (Hosting and choosing a high number of imposters in a game increases your chances of becoming one)
  3. Wait for others to join the game
  4. Head to the computer and choose character color
  5. Just before the game begins, go back to the computer and keep changing between character colors until the match starts

This is the Among Us imposter glitch that will increase your chances of always becoming an imposter. You can keep a funny name of your character in Among Us or you can completely use a blank invisible name. Your character’s name can also have a small impact on how the crewmates suspect you. When a body is found you can convince the crewmates to skip voting and continue playing the game.