How To Download Among Us Imposter Modmenu Polarmod?

Download one of the most popular mods for Among Us.

Among Us has grown a lot in popularity, and the more popular a game becomes, the more are the number of mods you have to tweak it. Similarly, even Among Us has got a lot of bad, good, and great mods that you can use to make some changes to the standard version of the game. One such mod is the Imposter Modmenu Polarmod. The mod itself has become very popular that many players are asking how to download the Among Us Imposter Modmenu Polarmod.

How to Download Among Us Imposter Modmenu Polarmod

The Among Us Imposter Modmenu Polarmod adds a lot of features to the game such as the freeze last murderer. This freezes the imposter when he kills for a limited time. Another feature is the copy player feature where you can copy the appearance of any other crewmate. The mod also has a random pet change feature. If you wished to get every pet in Among Us, then this mod is surely for you.

The passive features of the Imposter Modmenu Polarmod are unlocked skins, hats, and pets. So now you can customize your character in Among Us as you like because of a vast range of available costumes.

Now coming to the downloading part, here’s how you can easily download Among Us Imposter Modmenu Polarmod.

  • Click on this link to go to the download page
  • Download and install the apk file
  • Press allow when asked for permission to draw over the app
  • Close the app clear previous tasks and then restart it
  • You might have to click on the app multiple times as it takes time to load the base game library

That’s how you can easily download Among Us Imposter Modmenu Polarmod. However, one thing to note here is that third-party mods may work or not on each device. Hence, download the mod and enjoy it at your own risk.

Once you have downloaded Among Us Imposter Modmenu Polarmod, the base game will be the same along with many additional features. Hence, you might want to read some of the things from the base game. You can start by reading how to get custom skins and how to always be an imposter with the Among Us imposter glitch.