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Among Us Explained: How To Play Among Us

Want to join the fun but don't know how to play Among Us? We've explained the basics of this game as well as strategies, tips, tricks to win.

The booming popularity of Among Us is making thousands of people sit up and take notice. People who aren’t even gamers are trying their hand at being an Impostor and murdering fellow Crewmates. Yes, Among Us has created gamers and that shows the crazy levels of fame it is seeing. Since there’s a huge influx of new players joining the fun, they are wondering how to play Among Us? Look no further because we will explain it to you right here. There are quite a few things you should know before jumping into it, so here we go.


Among Us: How to Play On Mobile Phone and PC

One of the best things the developers, InnerSloth, have done is that they have enabled crossplay between Mobile and PC. So, you can easily play with your friends on Android, iOS and PC (Steam).

Basics of How to Play Among Us (Impostor & Crewmate)

Now, this game involves strategy, yes, but it is actually pretty simple to understand. It is a social deduction or traitor game, where there will be one or more Impostors among the Crewmates. The number of Impostors will depend on the game settings. You can join any game from the Menu, where you will see the settings of having 1, 2 or 3 impostors in a match. The more the impostors, the more confusing (and fun) the game gets.



As the game begins with 4-10 players depending on the settings, you will be assigned a role. If you are the Crewmate, you have to focus on the following things.

  • Completing tasks
  • Figuring out who is the Impostor(s)
  • Not getting killed by the Impostors

As an Impostor, you have to:

  • Pretend to do tasks (beware, some tasks have visible animations so if you are caught faking it then it could be game over for you)
  • Sabotage things like doors, lights etc
  • Kill the crewmates before they eject you


In both of these cases, you will be able to discuss with other players and pin the blame on someone. Here’s where the convincing skills, lies and deceit comes into the picture. You can turn the tide in your favor if your argument is strong enough. With such tactics, the Impostor can get someone innocent kicked out. Sometimes, the group can also narrow down the Impostors and get them kicked out too. No two games are similar which is what makes it super fun.

Remember that you cannot talk during the game, you can only talk during the discussion phase and then give your vote. In the chat room, you will be able to see who died and who reported and you can address someone by their character’s color or username. This discussion phase can be triggered by an Emergency Meeting or if someone reports a dead body. If there is no clear clue about the killer, you can go ahead and skip your vote.


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Players can call an emergency meeting if they see someone using a vent (which is an impostor-only ability) and they want to tell everyone who it was. Sometimes, the impostor can call an emergency meeting themselves to falsely accuse an innocent crewmate. That just shows that you can trust no one in this game of betrayal.

Be a Good Impostor or Crewmate

In terms of reporting a body, you can do it if you see someone lying dead as a crewmate or you can also self-report if you are an impostor. This may or may not go in your favor because your co-players could possibly see through your lies.

For more detailed information about how to play and win as an impostor and how to be a good crewmate, check out our linked guides right away.

To put it simply – as an Impostor, you need to work fast before the crewmates complete their tasks or vote you out. Travel through vents but don’t get seen doing it. Know all the locations of tasks and go in for the kill at the right time.

As a Crewmate, always have an alibi, don’t go off on your own, keep a good eye on suspicious players.

Play as a Ghost

That’s not all. After you die in this game as a crewmate or impostor, you become a ghost. That means you can still help your team out while being invisible. If you are the sole impostor and you get ejected, your game will be over. But if there are multiple impostors and you get ejected as one of them, you can still support your villainous team. Here’s more on how to play as a Ghost in Among Us.

This is basically how to play Among Us. Now with that in mind, check out our extensive Among Us guides that will explain everything else you need to know.