Best Pick Up Lines To Use In Among Us

Best Among Us Pick Up Line will surely make you win someone over regardless if you win the game or not. Use these among us pick up lines

These pick-up lines in Among Us and the epitome of flirt and the funniest thing that you can use when talking to other players in the game. While Among Us is largely about crewmates and impostors, there’s always a chance of love blossoming in the air. Check out the cheesy, dirty and funny pick up lines that you can use in Among Us. Disclaimer – use them at your own risk!

30 Best Among Us Pick Up Lines (Funny & Cheesy)

best among us pick up lines

Here are all cute, wholesome and clever Among Us themed pick up lines you can use to flirt with someone or be the center of attention.

  1. Hey, were you in navigation because I found my way to you.
  2. I promise you; I didn’t vent but if you’re in there, I would.
  3. Without you, I feel like a dead body in electrical that no one spots for a long time.
  4. Damn girl, are you the reactor sabotage? Because you make my heart meltdown.
  5. I would never close the door on you unless it locks both of us in one room.
  6. If you were the impostor and I was being called sus, I would take the ejection for you.
  7. “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you really happy to see me?”
  8. We don’t need to fix the electricals when there’s so much electricity between us.
  9. That scan cannot show what I see in you.
  10. Can you come to the med bay with me? My heart’s aching.
  11. [Insert color] is Sus. I saw her kill my interest in others.
  12. It wouldn’t be Polus without us in it.
  13. Can you please fix the wires to jumpstart my heart?
  14. Can we navigate this ship to the bedroom?
  15. Here I’m trying to break down the wall and you’re putting your shields up.
  16. All I saw on cams was that sweet body run around my mind.
  17. That pet looks good on you but you know what would look better? Me.
  18. Let’s play in MIRAHQ so that it will be just the two of us.
  19. Somebody call an emergency meeting! I think I finally found the one who stole my heart.
  20. Only you can read my mind when the comms are sabotaged.
  21. Would you like to connect the wires of your heart to mine?
  22. Are you the card swiping task? Because I’d swipe right on you.
  23. I’d sabotage the doors if that means getting you alone in the room with me.
  24. I can’t breathe…is it because you sabotaged O2 or is it because I’m madly in love with you?
  25. What do I have to do to go from being your crewmate to your soulmate?
  26. This isn’t the only rocket ship you’ll be on tonight.
  27. Attention Needed In Medical Bay! My Heart’s aching for you.
  28. Why do you look more trouble than any impostor has?
  29. I am BLUE without YOU.
  30. The Polus lava is not nearly as hot as you are.

These are the best pickup lines that we could come up with and we’ll keep on updating this list as and when we come up with cheesier lines for you to use and hopefully find true love.

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